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Enjoy an unforgettable summer in Sankt Margarethen

By: Simon la Lau at 19 June 2024
Header Genieten van onvergetelijke zomer in St Margarethen EN
A stay in Sankt Margarethen in Austria at the foot of the Aineck is one you'll never forget. This is due in part to the wide variety of activities you can undertake in or around the village. We've compiled a list of activities for you in this blog, making it easier for you to experience an unforgettable summer in Austria!Hiking and CyclingLocated near the Aineck, Sankt Margarethen's surroundings invite you to embark on various stunning hiking and...
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A guarantee for a top holiday: Summer in Wald im Pinzgau

By: Simon la Lau at 12 June 2024
Header zomer in wald EN
Wald im Pinzgau transforms from a winter paradise into a green oasis in the summer. This beautifully situated village, located in the district of Zell am See, offers an abundance of activities and facilities, making it the ideal holiday destination! In this blog, we cover all the summer possibilities that Wald has to offer, ensuring you experience a carefree vacation in this village!FacilitiesFirst and foremost, Wald im Pinzgau boasts numerous fa...
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With the kids in the car to Austria

By: Simon la Lau at 05 June 2024
Header Met kids in de auto naar AUT EN
Taking the kids on holiday to Austria is fun, but the car journey is a long one for those little ones (and, to be honest, sometimes for the parents too). How to prepare and what are the things to consider. We answer those questions in this blog!Good preparationFirst of all, good preparation is half the battle. Make sure all travel documents are in order, do some shopping and pack your and the kids' suitcases one or two days before departure. Next...
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Discover and enjoy Mittersill in the summer!

By: Simon la Lau at 29 May 2024
Header Ontdek en Geniet van Mittersill in de zomer EN
The tranquil and beautifully situated Mittersill, located in the Austrian Salzburger Land, is surrounded by popular tourist towns such as Zell Am See, Krimml, and Kitzbühel. Mittersill itself is the center of the Oberpinzgau region and offers everything you need for a fantastic summer vacation. A little extra inspiration never hurts, though. That's why in this blog, we'll take a closer look at the most enjoyable summer activities in Mittersill an...
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10 Reasons to Choose Austria for Your Summer Holiday

By: Arina van Vuuren at 24 May 2024
Header 10 redenen om naar Oostenrijk te gaan EN
When you think of Austria, you think of skiing, snow, and coziness. In short: the perfect ingredients for a successful winter sports holiday! But did you know that this surprising country is also an excellent place for delightful holidays in the summer? In the warmer months, the snow is exchanged for the sun, and there is no trace of wintry temperatures. With that, the hordes of tourists and winter fun enthusiasts also disappear. Entirely unjustl...
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Swimming and watersports in Austria!

By: Simon la Lau at 22 May 2024
Header Zwemmen en watersport in Oostenrijk EN
Austria is generally known as a winter sports destination, but also in summer it offers a variety of opportunities for (refreshing) water activities and adventurous water sports. Whether it's swimming or fishing in the Durlaßboden reservoir, immersing yourself in the world of surfing, rafting, or canyoning, or discovering an ancient tradition at Prebersee, there's something for everyone in the summer. Explore all the options in this blog!Waterspo...
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The Krimml Waterfalls: An enchanting natural spectacle

By: Simon la Lau at 15 May 2024
Header De Krimmler Watervallen EN
Austria is brimming with wonders, but one literally towers above the rest: the Krimml Waterfalls, situated in the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Standing at a towering height of 380 meters, the waterfall even holds the title of Europe's highest! Discover everything about this enchanting natural spectacle in this blog.OriginTo begin with, the waterfall formed as a result of a lengthy process. It starts with the glaciers of the Hohe Tauern...
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City trip to Salzburg: A journey full of highlights!

By: Simon la Lau at 08 May 2024
Header Citytrip naar Salzburg EN
At 8 o'clock in the morning, I wake up startled. I look beside but don't see my wife Angela lying there. Startled, I sit up, but then I see Angela already enjoying the morning sun on the balcony with our three young children. I decide to prepare a nice breakfast for my family and together with Angela, we discuss in the sunshine on the balcony what we're going to do that day. While enjoying fresh kaiser rolls with cheese and sausage and a glass of...
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Holiday advantage with the summer card!

By: Simon la Lau at 01 May 2024
Headert Vakantievoordeel met de zomerkaart EN
A summer holiday in Austria can become an expensive affair unless you book your holiday accommodation with ChaletsPlus! Many holiday homes include a summer card, allowing you to save hundreds of euros. With this card, you have access to various free activities and benefit from numerous discounts. How much you truly get out of your summer vacation, for example with the National Sommercard, you can read about in this blog. OperationWith the card, y...
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Go paragliding and fly through the Austrian landscape!

By: Simon la Lau at 17 April 2024
Blog Ga Paragliden Header EN
Admire the stunning mountain landscape of Austria from an entirely new perspective! Let yourself be guided by the wind, embrace the ultimate freedom, and feel the adrenaline rush through your body. Paragliding offers an unforgettable experience that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature from a bird's-eye view. Do you dare to take on this challenge? Prepare for an amazing adventure!FlyingIn paragliding, also known as parapenting, someone uses a...
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Front Office: For all your holiday questions!

By: Simon la Lau at 10 April 2024
Header Front Office Voor al jouw Vakantievragen EN
In a cozy office building in Gouda, Netherlands, you'll find a small but dedicated team of Front Office staff every working day. This team consists of four smart ladies (Arina, Bianca, Esther and Desiree) and  a gentleman (Marcel). Together, they form a beacon of knowledge and are always ready to answer your questions, even on a sunny October morning. By Phone  A man who is about to book calls the office that morning with some pressing questions....
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Active on vacation as a 65-plusser? In Austria, it's possible!

By: Simon la Lau at 03 April 2024
Header Actief op vakantie als 65 plusser In Oostenrijk kan het EN
Do you hear it often these days? "65 is the new 50," an expression that, in our opinion, holds true and implies that people aged 65 and over are fit and vital! Therefore, still capable of actively enjoying life and the beautiful Alpine landscape. In this blog, you'll discover why Austria is such a fantastic vacation destination for you as a 65-plusser, or should we say 'new fifty-something'? So keep reading for all the information.  Enjoying Natu...
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On holiday from sunday to sunday: Discover the benefits!

By: Simon la Lau at 27 March 2024
Header op vakantie van zondag tot zondag ontdek de voordelen EN
Many holidaymakers still choose to head to Austria on Saturdays. This is because Saturday marks the first day of their freedom, and they want to embark on their holiday in the beautiful Alpine landscape as swiftly as possible. However, the question arises: does one truly experience more joy by departing as soon as possible, opting for a vacation from Saturday to Saturday, in comparison to booking a stay from Sunday to Sunday? In this blog, we del...
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All about sledding! The sport for speed demons

By: Simon la Lau at 13 March 2024
Header Alles over rodelen De sport voor snelheidsduivels EN
Most winter sports enthusiasts choose to travel to Austria to go skiing or snowboarding. For many, there is nothing more beautiful than sliding down steep slopes at high speeds. However, for speed demons who love racing over snowy slopes, there is another winter activity that fits perfectly: sledding! In this blog, you will learn everything about the ins and outs of this sledding sport.  Down the Slope  First, a brief introduction to what sleddin...
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Après-ski in Austria for Beginners!

By: Simon la Lau at 06 March 2024
Apres skien in Oostenrijk voor beginners header EN
Après-ski is a widespread phenomenon that resonates with virtually every winter sports enthusiast. Even those who have never been on skis are familiar with the concept. Originally, the French term referred to changing uncomfortable ski boots for comfortable snow boots after a day on the slopes. Nowadays, most people associate après-ski more with lively parties after skiing or snowboarding. If you're a newcomer and want to know how to behave witho...
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Close the winter sports season well: Go skiing during Easter!

By: Simon la Lau at 21 February 2024
Header Ga skien met Pasen EN
The Easter days are just around the corner, and what better way to spend them than heading to the Austrian mountains? It is indeed the last opportunity of the winter season to enjoy the breathtaking landscape and zoom down the slopes with fresh snow under your skis! In this blog, you'll discover why it's a great idea to wrap up the winter sports season during Easter.Good AtmosphereWhile spring makes its entrance across Europe in late March, the A...
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Carefree winter sports travel by car with our tips

By: Simon la Lau at 10 January 2024
Header Zorgeloos met de auto op wintersport EN
King Winter is approaching again, and many people are making plans for an unforgettable winter sports vacation. Whether you're hitting the road with a traditional car or an electric vehicle, the journey to the snow-covered mountains of Austria comes with its challenges. Naturally, you don't want your trip to be memorable for unnecessary delays. That's why we're sharing handy tips in this blog to prepare your car for winter and avoid unnecessary s...
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Fascinating Facts for fans of Austria!

By: Simon la Lau at 03 January 2024
Nieuw header blog fascinerende feiten Oostenrijk EN1
Austria; a stunning country with unique mountain landscapes that attract tourists from around the world for unforgettable winter sports adventures, breathtaking mountain hikes, and gourmet delights that make your taste buds rejoice. Located in the heart of Europe, amidst the breathtaking Alps, Austria serves as a natural border between the north and south of the continent. Despite being twice the size of the Netherlands, the birthplace of Arnold ...
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First time on a winter sports trip? This ski equipment is necessary!

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 13 December 2023
Voor het eerst op wintersport deze skiuitrusting heb je nodig header EN
Are you planning to conquer the snowy mountains of Austria for the first time this winter and wondering what ski equipment you'll need? Then you're in the right place! In this blog, we provide advice on choosing the right gear for an unforgettable vacation. So, read on quickly and get ready for your first adventure on the slopes.EssentialA good ski outfit is crucial. The most important thing is that you can safely glide down the mountain and that...
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Snowshoe hikes in Königsleiten!

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 06 December 2023
Sneeuwschoenwandelingen in Konigsleiten header EN
This winter, Paul (66) and Carmen (62) are heading to Königsleiten in Austria to visit their son Tim and his wife Emma, who have been living in the picturesque village for a few years. The original plan for the sixty-something couple was to go skiing with their son and daughter-in-law, but unfortunately, that won't be possible this year. A few weeks ago, Paul suffered a shoulder injury. Despite this setback, Paul is eagerly looking forward to the...
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First time on a hiking holiday! Tips for beginners

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 22 November 2023
Header Voor het eerst op wandelvakantie EN
Many people have 'discovered' mountain hiking in recent years. It's a fantastic challenge that is educational and good for your fitness, but also brings you and your partner together in pristine nature! However, such a challenge can sometimes also bring danger. Good preparation is essential. Therefore, we provide some tips below to go well-prepared on your journey.The routeFirstly, of course, you determine where and how you are going to walk. The...
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First time off-piste! All the tips to get prepared

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 15 November 2023
Header eerste keer off piste EN
You're standing at the top of the mountain, butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You look down and see the delightful fresh powder snow, and you think to yourself: Am I going to do this? A few seconds later, you've taken the plunge, and you now find yourself in the thrilling world of off-piste skiing (or snowboarding). It's a world filled with freedom, challenges, and fun, but also a world that demands thorough preparation. So, here are some e...
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Sunrise Hike to Hochkogel

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 08 November 2023
Header Zonsopkomst hike EN
If you've ever dreamt of embarking on a breathtaking adventure with awe-inspiring vistas, the Sunrise Hike to Hochkogel might be just your cup of tea. Hochkogel, a majestic mountain standing at 2,249 meters near Saalbach, promises an unparalleled view of the surrounding peaks. Reaching the summit is no walk in the park; it involves a steep hiking trail, making it an ideal playground for the true hiking enthusiast!PreparationsGetting to the top is...
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The Almabtrieb in Austria

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 02 August 2023
Almabtrieb september oostenrijk
Almabtrieb is an annual festival in Austria. It is a farming tradition that celebrates the return of cattle (cows and sheep) to the stables. During the spring and summer months, the livestock grazes in the mountain meadows, and when autumn arrives, the farmers drive the animals back to the meadows in the valleys and the stables. This is celebrated with various activities that make Austria worth visiting in the autumn.Experiencing an Almabtrieb is...
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Also in autumn, Austria is definitely worth a visit!

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 02 August 2023
Herfstvakantie oostenrijk
We all know that Austria is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the winter months, and it is becoming increasingly popular in the summer as well. But did you know that Austria is also highly appealing in autumn? The weather in Austria during this time is still very pleasant, and there are numerous activities and festivals taking place in the months of September, October, and November. So, if you want to take a week off during the autu...
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Explore the Austrian mountains with an E-bike

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 02 August 2023
Weblog header e bike eng
Cycling along mountain lakes, breathtaking views, and charming villages while breathing in the fresh Alpine air is an exhilarating experience. The significant elevation changes and numerous bends make cycling in Austria a physical challenge as well. That's why it's entirely logical that E-bikes and E-mountain bikes have become so popular.You can, of course, bring your E-bike from the Netherlands, but it's also very easy and affordable to rent an ...
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Hiking at a High Level in Austria

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 02 August 2023
IMG 6709
Hiking in Austria evokes beautiful images for everyone. Green meadows, clear blue skies, babbling mountain streams, mountain slopes sprinkled with wildflowers, and that crisply fresh air. Whether you enjoy more challenging hikes (even climbing!) in the Alps or prefer to be a valley hiker, Austria is the ideal country to fully embrace your hiking shoes!
Along the way, you'll encounter beautiful alpine flowers.
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Refreshing Austrian summer drinks to cool down

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 31 July 2023
Weblog header summerdrankjes eng
Whether in summer or winter, during an active holiday in Austria, you can work up quite a sweat. A refreshing drink is just what you need! Are you familiar with the local specialties? We'll list the most delicious Austrian beverages for you here. During your next vacation in Austria, you'll know exactly what to order! Non-alcoholic recommendations:You must try the typical Austrian soft drink called Almdudler (Alm Dudeln means yodeling)! Almdudler...
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5 Typical Austrian dishes

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 27 July 2023
Kaiserschmarrn 609803 960 720
Austria is not only known for its beautiful nature and outdoor activities, but also for its delicious Austrian cuisine. In Austria, you can enjoy tasty dishes, and below we have listed five typical Austrian dishes for you.Wiener SchnitzelThe Wiener Schnitzel is such a well-known dish even in the Netherlands that we often forget it originated in Austria. For an authentic Wiener Schnitzel, you need to be in Austria, although the schnitzel itself or...
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The Most Beautiful Hikes in Tyrol

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 25 July 2023
Mooiste wandelingen Tirol ENG 1
Tyrol is renowned for its expansive ski resorts, where snow and winter sports enthusiasts feel right at home. But did you know that you can also embark on wonderful hikes in Tyrol outside the winter season? Wander through lush valleys, meadows, mountains, and along beautiful lakes. During your hiking vacation in Austria, you will truly experience impressive sights.
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Combining Work and Vacation: The Rise of Workations in Austria

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 28 June 2023
In recent years, a growing trend has been observed among professionals: the workation. More and more people are discovering the benefits of combining work and vacation, and one of the most popular destinations for a workation is Austria. With its breathtaking landscapes, inspiring environment, and excellent facilities, Austria provides the ideal setting for a productive and simultaneously relaxing work experience.
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The 10 most beautiful places in Austria in the summer

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 02 March 2023
Header blog nieuwsbrief nov 23 zomer EN 1
You can find many beautiful places in Austria that ensure an unforgettable summer vacation. Discover, for example, the diverse landscape, stunning nature, or follow in the footsteps of Empress Sissi while visiting various cities in Austria.We have summarized the 10 most beautiful places in Austria in the summer specifically for you in this blog article. This way, you'll know exactly what to do in Austria in the summer. Are you going to spend the ...
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Essential tips for the first skiing holiday (kids' edition)

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 29 December 2022
WEB Blog header eng
The first time you take your kids on a ski holiday is such an exciting time, but it can also be a little bit daunting. There are so many things to think about - which ski area is best for the children, how will we survive the car journey, and what should I bring with me? Use our checklist to help you with a few of these questions:
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Autumn in Austria: A Season with a Golden Touch

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 08 September 2022
Weblog header herfst eng
The sun still shines brightly, the days are long, and the autumn colors of gold, yellow, orange, and red give the mountain landscape a enchanting appearance. Austria is perfect for those who appreciate the good things in life, derive energy from being outdoors, and can also appreciate silence during the months of September, October, and November.The advantages of autumnAfter the hustle and bustle of the summer vacation and before the winter sport...
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5x after summer in Austria

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 17 August 2022
Weblog header after summer eng
1. Almabtrieb and Bauernfests (Harvest Festivals)The most enjoyable event of the autumn, the Almabtrieb! A festive occasion where the Alpine cows are warmly welcomed back to the stables from the high Alps. Decorated cows, lively markets, and indulging in local Austrian treats. An annual Austrian tradition that you must experience!2. Hochkönig 'Wildwochen' (Wild Weeks)From mid-September to mid-October, the Hochkönig region is dedicated to wild gam...
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Summer holidays in Saalbach Hinterglemm

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 12 July 2022
Weblog header SBHI summer eng
Saalbach-Hinterglemm, also known as Saalbach and Hinterglemm, are two charming villages in the Austrian mountains that are primarily known as winter sports destinations. Does the idea of settling down on a sun-soaked terrace after a long hike or bike ride through diverse natural landscapes sound like a vacation to you? Book an Austrian holiday chalet in Saalbach-Hinterglemm for your summer vacation.Into the mountains!In the mountains, you feel sm...
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Relax in Austria

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 20 June 2022
Ontspannen in Oostenrijk Header EN
Recharge in the Austrian mountainsA summer holiday in Austria is often dominated by effort; hiking, climbing, mountain biking, rafting, etc. These activities might sound strenuous, but they also provide relaxation at the same time. While exercising, you can empty your mind, put things that seemed very large into perspective, and enjoy the small beautiful things in the here and now.In addition to mental relaxation, Austria also offers many opportu...
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Summer fun in Austria with the whole family

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 11 May 2022
Zomerfun in Oostenrijk EN
Austria is a top destination for summer holidays for families with adventurous children! Austria is known for its high mountains, fresh alpine air and beautiful nature, so you should definitely pack walking shoes so you can move from one stunning viewpoint to another while climbing and clambering. Take a bicycle or mountain bike for a little more speed, which you can also rent on site for a day or several days. But there's more!We have put togeth...
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Summer in the Lungau region

By: Petra at 02 May 2022
Lungau zomer 2022 EN
The southernmost region of Salzburger Land is located 100 km from Salzburg Airport: Lungau. This region enjoys the most hours of sunshine in Austria - ideal for a summer holiday in the holiday country that active people love. This area is a hidden gem, with its UNESCO-awarded nature and fifteen picturesque mountain villages. A small region, but big in possibilities. Five things you didn't know about this region: 1. Sixty mountain lakes and sevent...
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Spring activities in Austria

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 22 March 2022
Weblog header spring activities eng
After winter comes spring, a less busy but equally beautiful season for vacationers in Austria. The mountains still have stunning white peaks, and the alpine meadows are colorful with spring flowers. There is plenty to experience in nature as well as in villages and cities. Moreover, outside the high season, you have a wider selection of available vacation homes from ChaletsPlus, giving you even more value for your money. To get excited, here are...
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Summer water fun in Austria

By: Petra at 23 June 2021
Summer water fun in Austria
A sun-drenched summer holiday is definitely possible in Austria. You can cool off in a shady forest, high on the tops of the mountains or paddle in one of the countless streams with your bare feet. But there's more. Austria has beautiful lakes with wonderfully clear water and fine beaches or sunbathing areas. For some more action, head up or into the lake; swimming, pedal boating, kayaking and surfing are all possible. If you like to swim, you ca...
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Summer in Dienten am Hochkönig

By: Petra at 14 June 2021
Zomer in Dienten EN
Are you looking for the ideal destination for your summer holiday? Why not consider the Hochkönig holiday region in Austria? There is a lot to experience in this versatile region, and we are happy to take you through a selection of the possibilities. The mountain bike region of AustriaHochkönig is known as one of the most popular mountain bike regions, with up to 300 KM of routes for every level. On and off the road, the possibilities are endless...
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5 activities you must try in Austria

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 15 April 2021
5x zomeractiviteiten in Oostenrijk EN
You may have heard that Austria has more to offer than just vast ski areas, but did you also know that this country is the ideal summer destination? You can do countless activities in the summer during a holiday in Austria. We have listed five great activities below for anyone who could use some inspiration and is considering booking a holiday to Austria. So, grab a pen and paper and read on quickly because your next summer holiday destination wi...
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Summer in Königsleiten

By: Petra at 01 April 2021
Summer in KÃ nigsleiten
Königsleiten is well-known as a popular winter sports destination. However, it is also a great place for a wonderful summer holiday! You can experience so many unique activities for making memories that will stay with you for years to come. Curious? Here's our guide to some of the best summer activities in and around Königsleiten: Adrenaline rushAre you a bit of a thrill-seeker? In the beautiful Austrian countryside, you can get the blood flowing...
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Endless fun in the Hohe Tauern National Park

By: Petra at 25 March 2021
Eindeloos plezier in Nationalpark Hohe Tauern EN
Encompassing over 1800 square kilometres, 342 glaciers, and more than 10,000 animal species, the Hohe Tauern National Park is an absolute must-see for all ages. You will find this world-famous mountain massif in the middle of the Central Alps of Austria. What makes this nature reserve so unique? Without a doubt, the mountain peaks, which rise head and shoulders above the other mountain peaks of Austria. This park was created in 1980 and was decla...
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The 5 best examples of Austrian cuisine

By: Petra at 22 April 2020
DE herbstferien 4
Austria is not only known for its natural beauty and the activities that can be done there. Many people also praise the country for Austrian cuisine. In Austria, you can eat very well, and we have listed five typical Austrian dishes for you below. Wiener SchnitzelThe Wiener Schnitzel is a well-known dish in many other European countries that many don't even realize that it comes from Austria. However, to experience the real Wiener Schnitzel, you ...
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Skiing in March? Go for it!

By: Roy at 05 February 2020
Skiing in march
By far most skiers choose to go skiing during their weeks off in February. However, when you are not stuck to those weeks, it may be interesting to go in March, which does have its advantages! We have listed the mains ones for you.#1 A cheaper skiing holidayCompared to the high season, you can save up to 30 to 40% on the rental of a chalet or apartment. Some ski resorts have different rates during both the low and the high season. So you get the ...
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How can I make the most of the peak season

By: Roy at 20 January 2020
The time has finally arrived for your winter sports holiday. You are really looking forward to it, but so are many others! During certain times of the year, many Dutch people go to the mountains for winter sports. If you are finding the crowds a bit much in the high season, this idyllic and wonderful white world may be different from what you had previously imagined, but you will still find everything here that makes winter sport so great. You ju...
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A chalet on the slopes

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 10 January 2020
A chalet on the slopes
What could be better than being able to directly access the slopes from your chalet? If you go on a winter sports holiday, then you want to relax completely and this usually goes hand in hand with as much comfort as possible. During your holiday you don't want to spend an unnecessary amount of time traveling to and from the pistes, so a chalet right on the slopes is ideal. ChaletsPlus offers you this convenience in various ski resorts in Austria....
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A shower in the mountains

By: Petra at 11 October 2019
A shower in the mountains
Rain. You may experience it when you are on holiday in Austria in the spring, autumn and summer. Most of the time the sky is clear, but every now and then there are frequent rain showers between the mountains. To ensure that your mood stays sunny, we have put together some ideas for fun activities, outings and trips.Have you booked a chalet with a Sommercart (Summer Card)? You can view everything that is included in your Sommercart and read more ...
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The enduring appeal of the Kitzsteinhorn

By: Roy at 12 July 2019
The most famous mountain in the Zell am See-Kaprun is the Kitzsteinhorn. This 3000 metre-high mountain peak with eternal snow has a silhouette that is instantly recognizable and can be seen from far and wide. The appeal of the Kitzsteinhorn is enormous. Tourists and locals alike are drawn to the 'white mountain' for the following reasons: 365 days of snow each yearThe Kitzsteinhorn is a glacier ski area that where snow is 100% guaranteed and acce...
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10 reasons why taking grandparents on holiday is a must

By: Petra at 04 June 2019
10x with grandparents on a winter sports holiday
Why not take the grandparents with you on your next winter sports family holiday to Austria? We think it's a brilliant idea! Read our 10 reasons why taking grandparents on holiday is a must: Socialising - With grandparents there, a family holiday becomes even more fun! Are young children going? Then consider reserving a chalet in a child-friendly ski area.  Extra attention for the children - Children sometimes have to wait for their turn and bick...
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Austria through the seasons

By: Petra at 03 May 2019
Austrian flora and fauna
Thanks to the large differences in height in the Austrian Alps, there is a wide variety of plant and animal species. Some animals and plants can only be found in the climate zones high in the mountains, while other flora and fauna are characteristic of the valleys.Over 10,000 animal species live in the Hohe Tauern National Park, which stretches across the federal states of Salzburg, Carinthia and Tyrol! The park has 266 peaks of over 3,000 meters...
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Tiroler Gröstl recipe

By: Roy at 02 April 2019
Tiroler Gr à stl Herrsching
Austria is mainly known worldwide as a winter sports area with beautiful scenery. Especially the stunning mountain country where you can really relax in one of the many chalets. Of course, this reputation is wholly justified. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that Austria has so much more to offer. For example, many delicious mountain recipes come from Austrian cuisine. A perfect example of such a tasty, hearty meal is the famous Tiroler ...
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The Kaiserschmarrn recipe

By: Mary at 03 March 2019
Kaiserschmarrn 609803 960 720
Kaiserschmarrn is a delicacy that you have certainly come across if you have ever arrived in Austria. This Austrian equivalent of what would be pancakes or waffles elsewhere in Europe is, in fact, a light, caramelised pancake. Traditionally, the Kaiserschmarrn is served with a kind of plum jam and powdered sugar. Since this dish has a long history, it is nice to recall it.The origin of this Austrian pudding is attributed to Emperor Franz Joseph w...
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What's the best way to prepare for a winter sports holiday?

By: Petra at 13 February 2019
Being well prepared for winter sports makes your winter sports holiday more fun. Some things are difficult to get used to - the altitude in mountains, the cold temperatures; not to mention the physical effort involved. Moreover, you want to take all the winter sports equipment with you and do not forget anything. We've put together some tips to help you get the most out of your winter sports holiday so you can get into the (rental) car or plane w...
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Child friendly ski areas

By: Roy at 06 February 2019
Child friendly ski areas
Are you planning to book a ski holiday to Austria? Just like you, children also want to have fun during a winter sports holiday. And it's really nice to know that they are in good hands so that you can leave them at their own ski school with complete peace of mind. That's why it's well worth booking a winter sports holiday in a child-friendly ski resort. Fortunately, there are countless opportunities in Austria to spend your winter sports holiday...
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Germknödel recipe

By: Mary at 01 February 2019
2013 12 Germkn à del 2
The Germknödel is a culinary delicacy that many winter sports enthusiasts still mouth water afterwards. First conceived and made in Tyrol, the Germknödel was the Austrian answer to the pancake. Only, according to the ancient Austrian tradition, it was once again overloaded with extra layers of sweetness and savoury. Germknödel: what is it?A Germknödel is a large ball-shaped dumpling of luxurious bread dough filled with compote. Traditionally, a p...
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How do I survive the 'snowmageddon'?

By: Roy at 11 January 2019
Snowmageddon en
The 'snowmageddon' in Austria is a hot topic at the moment. There has been so much snow in a short period of time that there is enough snow for the ski areas to be open until April, winter fun everywhere! Of course, there are also a number of things that you have to take into account during these extreme circumstances.We've put together three tips so you can safely enjoy the enormous snow mountains and these unique conditions! 1. Be prepared Keep...
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Playing golf in Austria

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 21 August 2015
WD Westendorf Windau Golf 5
Austria is of course known as a ski area, but did you know that it is also one of the leading countries for golf? The country has nearly 200 golf courses, many of which have a beautiful location, in the mountains or at the edge of beautiful rivers and lakes, for instance. Over the past ten years, golf has become one of the most popular sports in Austria.From beginner to advancedThanks to Austria's diverse landscape, the country offers a wide vari...
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What makes the Salzburgerland such an excellent summer destination?

By: Roy at 28 July 2015
Bergtop salzburgerland
The Salzburgerland is well-known amongst winter sports enthusiasts, but did you know that the area is also ideal for a summer holiday? Villages such as Wald im Pinzgau, Neukirchen am Grossvenediger, Bramberg am Wildkogel and Saalbach have myriads of summer activities and are great for exploring in summer. You will be amazed by the beauty of the surroundings of the Salzburgerland the diversity of the flora and fauna in the area.Salzburgerland in s...
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What makes the Zillertal Arena so much fun in the summer?

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 01 June 2015
Zillertal arena summer picnic
Of course, Austria is an ideal holiday destination in the winter season. But many people are not aware of the fact that the country has plenty to offer in summer too. The Zillertal Arena, for instance, is an amazingly beautiful summer travel destination. Travellers who already know the Zillertal ski region as a winter sports area and visit the Zillertal Arena in summer are often stunned by the scenery the area has to offer. Because the area is co...
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