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What's the best way to prepare for a winter sports holiday?

By: Petra at 13 February 2019
Being well prepared for winter sports makes your winter sports holiday more fun. Some things are difficult to get used to - the altitude in mountains, the cold temperatures; not to mention the physical effort involved. Moreover, you want to take all the winter sports equipment with you and do not forget anything. We've put together some tips to help you get the most out of your winter sports holiday so you can get into the (rental) car or plane with confidence.

Get fit for winter sports

Your winter sports fun is increased with sufficient health and fitness of your body. With a good level of fitness and flexible muscles, you will be better prepared for skiing and snowboarding. Plus, you'll reduce the chance of possible injuries.​

Tip #1: take a few ski or snowboard lessons in a covered ski-dome.
Voorbereiden fit op wintersport
By doing a few exercises in the course of the day you'll come a long way!

Travel preparation

There are various ways you can travel to Austria, for example with a (rental) car or plane. Which option you choose depends on your budget, your wishes and your flexibility. Not sure which travel option you prefer? Read more about the various transport options in our blog post "How to get to Austria - car, train or plane?"

Travel preparation by car

Are you planning to travel to Austria by car? Ask yourself what you need to take with you in the car and what you will do in the event of a breakdown. Here are our essential tips:
  • Make sure there are enough warm clothes in the car.
  • By travelling by car to your ski holiday, you still need winter tires and/or snow chains.
  • Taking out travel insurance with winter sports coverage is sensible. This will allow you to cover the risk of high costs that come with a car accident or breakdown assistance.
  • Make sure your car has sufficient fuel, food and drinks.
  • A ski box is useful for transporting your skis. You can often hire them for a few euros per week.

Travel preparation for the airport and a rental car

Are you going to fly to Austria and then travel further with a rental car to your winter destination? Always check whether the vignette toll is included in the price. Also, check with the landlord the car you are driving in and make sure you have adequate car insurance. This prevents unnecessary costs in the event of an accident or possible damage. 
Met de auto naar oostenrijk

Winter sports equipment

Think carefully about how to take your winter sports equipment with you into the plane. Most airlines permit the following: 1 pair of skis and 1 pair of sticks with 1 pair of shoes or 1 snowboard with 1 pair of shoes per person. Some airlines do not make you state your ski holiday baggage, although this is mandatory for airlines. There is often a maximum luggage weight of 23 kilos. 

Please note: regulations differ per airline company, so always check this in advance with the relevant airline company that will take you to Austria.

Electric cars

It's worth checking out the possibilities for driving electric cars. Whether you are travelling by your own electric car to Austria or renting one at the airport, make note of all the charging stations en route. Book accommodation with a charging station for your electric (rental) car.

Winter sports: the winter sports packing list

Obviously, good preparation also requires a practical winter sports packing list. Sufficient warm clothing, good travel insurance, the right winter sports equipment, these are just a few things that require your attention. Are you going to ski or snowboard for the first time? Consider hiring kit and materials instead of buying them yourself. This will give you the chance to discover if you really like it (we think you will!) For your next winter holiday, you can buy things for yourself. 

Tip #2: Don't forget to protect yourself against the winter sun!

Last but not least: travel insurance

Winter sports enthusiasts often forget travel insurance, which is so important! It's vital to take out breakdown assistance insurance for your car, and health insurance for medical costs. If incurred abroad, medical costs are reimbursed at the cost price of the country you live in. Fortunately, travel insurance offers a solution whereby you can also take out medical expenses cover to protect yourself from an expensive end to your holiday.

Note: If you don't go skiing or snowboarding, but you do enjoy tobogganing... Tobogganing is also counted as a winter sport! So if you break an arm or leg during tobogganing, it is important that you have covered yourself with a travel insurance with a winter sports module to cover the costs.

Have a fantastic winter sports holiday, with the help of our smart tips and enjoy a beautiful and exciting time in Austria!


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