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Complaints procedure

Complaints during the stay
  1. We ask the tenant to submit complaints during the stay in writing within 24 hours (see our address details at the bottom left of this page) or in another suitable form to ChaletsPlus and the manager.
  2. If the defect concerns a property or condition of the holiday home that cannot be attributed to the tenant, as a result of which the holiday home does not provide the tenant with the enjoyment that the tenant could expect based on the agreement, the landlord is obliged to repair the defect. The tenant must always allow the landlord to rectify any faults.
  3. If, in the tenant's opinion, the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily by the landlord, ChaletsPlus will contact the landlord and mediate between the tenant and the landlord to try to achieve a solution.
  4. If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily during the stay, the tenant must submit the complaint in writing to ChaletsPlus within four weeks after returning home, stating all relevant information.
  5. ChaletsPlus can also make a financial arrangement with the tenant on behalf of the landlord.
  6. If no amicable solution to the complaint is reached, ChaletsPlus will, insofar as this has not yet happened, provide the landlord's details at the tenant's request in order to enable the tenant to file any claim against the landlord. 
Other complaints
  1. Complaints before departure relating to aspects other than the stay must be submitted in writing to ChaletsPlus as soon as possible.
  2. ChaletsPlus will respond to a complaint in writing within 14 days.
  3. ChaletsPlus is affiliated with the Dutch Home Shopping Organization. Complaints from tenants and/or ChaletsPlus can be submitted to the 'Thuiswinkel Disputes Committee'. You can also submit your complaint to the Disputes Committee via the European ODR Platform.
  4. The complaint must be submitted to the Disputes Committee no later than 12 months after the tenant has complained to ChaletsPlus.
  5. If no complaint has been lodged with ChaletsPlus, the Disputes Committee is not authorized to deal with the complaint ultimately submitted to it.
  6. The Disputes Committee makes a decision in accordance with the conditions as laid down in its regulations.
  7.  The decisions are made by way of binding advice.

What is the role of ChaletsPlus in handling your complaint?
  1. Does your complaint relate to the object you rented? ChaletsPlus will play a mediating role between the tenant and the landlord in handling your complaint. ChaletsPlus is the first point of contact for you and the landlord. It is not possible to contact the landlord directly.
  2. Does your complaint relate to the reservation process or on-site management? In these cases, ChaletsPlus is ultimately responsible for your complaint handling.

Would you like to submit a complaint to us?

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