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Book your worry-free vacation now!
Surely you want to visit Austria again during the summer or winter? But what if your holiday can't go ahead because of a lockdwon? Will you get your money back if that happens? Book now safe and secure with ChaletsPlus and the pre-holiday fun can begin!

How does it work?
  • We will refund your money in case the government of your country and/or the country of your destination has announced a lockdown for the date of your arrival and you decide not to travel for that reason.
  • We will assess the travel situation 7 days before arrival. We do this 7 days in advance because the situation can be very changeable.
  • If we have to cancel your holiday you will get your money back in your account within 3 weeks.
  • When a lockdown is announced in the country of your accommodation during your stay and you decide to return early, we will refund the money of your unused nights.
  • The Hassle-Free-Guarantee apllies on all bookings.

When does the Hassle=-Free-Guarantee not apply?
Our Hassle-Free-Guarantee is based on the decisions of the governments of your own country and/or the country of your destination. When your trip is possible based on these decsions, you cannot make use of the Hassle-Free-Guarantee. Regardless of the restrictions that may apply on your destination.

When travelling to Austria you should have the correct (travel) documents and be aware of the current rules and restrictions. This applies both to entering the country and to stay in the holiday home. If you do not possess these documents, this is no reason to cancel free of charge. Quarantine measures also do not qualify as a reason for cancelling free of charge. If ChaletsPlus is able to deliver the trip but you wish to cancel, the standard cancellation conditions apply.
Financial security through coverage
In these uncertain times, it is nice to know that ChaletsPlus is a member of the SGR (Travel Guarantee Fund Foundation). In the unlikely event that ChaletsPlus goes bankrupt, you will receive your money back from the SGR. In addition with our Hassle-Free-Corona-Guarantee, this means even more financial security!
General Conditions
Because we consider clear and unequivocal conditions to be important, we have included everything we promise here in our general conditions. You can find these conditions in article 4 (cancellation) in the rental agreement with the lessor of the holiday home.
Did you take out a Allianz Global cancellation insurance with your booking at ChaletsPlus?
This insurance reimburses the costs of cancellation in case of serious illness of one of the travellers. Unfortunately Allianz does not refund the paid premium when your booking is cancelled based on a negative travel advice. Please pay attention to the fact that we will refund you for the rental and other pre-paid costs, with deduction of the paid cancellation insurance premium.