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Hiking in the Lungau region

In the south of Salzburg, between the peaks of the Tauernberge and Nockberge mountain ranges, you will find the 15 cities and idyllic valleys of the Lungau holiday region. The most famous of these are Mauterndorf, Mariapfarr, St. Michael and Tamsweg. This region is surrounded by a number of mountain ranges with summits of over 3000 metres. In this area, there are over 100 lakes often in picturesque mountain meadows and between steep rock faces. These lakes are lovely places to rest and relax and form ideal hiking destinations.
In the summer months, the Lungau region is a large walking area that has hundreds of kilometres of hiking routes. The valleys are well-suited for light walks but the high mountains provide challenging hiking tours for those who enjoy a challenge. It is possible to go on short, half-day hikes, long mountain hiking tours and several-day mountain hikes.

Excursions in the Lungau region
Hiking is an enjoyable and important activity in Lungau during the summer months. There are various hiking routes that are well-signposted and -maintained. A much used hiking route through Lungau is the Lungauer culture trail. This popular path will lead you through virtually every town in Lungau. Signs along the route provide a lot of information about its culture, country, people and history.
You will get to know the Lungauer mountain world and you can enjoy the beautiful natural environment of this area by going walking. A hiking bus runs through the whole of Lungau for those who thoroughly enjoy hiking. Hikes from one to the other valley are especially interesting. The hiking bus will offer assistance since this bus will take you back to your starting point without problems. More information about this service and the timetable is available at the Taelerbus online, at all Tourist Information Offices in the area and at the central Ferienregion Lungau office.

Excursions without a guide
Below is a small selection of enjoyable excursions that include ascents that range from easy to moderately difficult.

Tamsweg Prebergebiet (Preber area)
Prebersee tour
o Gentle walk
o Starting point: Tour around the lake
o Duration: Approx. 45 Minutes

Schönfeld: Großer Königstuhl
Climbing the Großen Königstuhl (2336 m)
o Moderate hike
o Starting point: Dr. Josef Mehrl Hütte (Dr. Josef Mehrl Hut) in Schönfeld
o Duration: Approx. 4,5
o Difference in altitude: 600

Planet walk Tamsweg
o Gentle walk
o Starting point: On the right bank of the Mur River at the foot of the Leonharberg
o Duur: Approx. 1,5 uur

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Spending the night in mountain huts
In addition to going for short walks, you can also go on several-day hiking tours, spending the night in mountain huts.
Mountain huts provide simple accommodation and meals. You can hike there as an excursion or you can go on a several-day hiking tour going from hut to hut. There are approximately 10000 mountain huts in the Alps, of which approximately 1600 are controlled by large alpinist associations. Austria has both simple (dormitory, no showers) and luxurious mountain huts (shower, bedrooms). In the course of the years, mountain huts have been modernised and updated. In Austria and Germany, much larger and often more luxurious mountain huts have been built. The rates for these mountain huts are generally higher and they are visited more often. Overnight bookings for Alps mountain huts run in the tens of millions and we strongly recommend that you book in advance.

The mountain huts have blankets as standard. You should bring a sleeping bag and a sheet sleeping bag yourself.
The following rules apply to using the mountain huts:
• Remove your shoes upon entering the hut
• Leave your equipment (backpacks, picks, ropes, etc.) at the entrance or in the designated areas.
• We recommend that you book.

Members of a mountaineering association will normally receive a discount when they wish to stay in mountain huts of the Austrian mountaineering association. This discount does not usually apply to privately owned huts.