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Tips for photographing your holiday property

Good photos are very important for the rental!

Pictures help guests to get an idea in advance of the property they would like to rent. Research has shown that more than 90% of our website visitors choose their holiday home based on the photos! 
Photos say more than words and show the atmosphere and the look of the holiday home.
Advice: For really good photos we recommend hiring a professional photographer. Photography is a profession and you get the best results if you let a professional do it. Nice & beautiful pictures will certainly increase the rental. Please ask us about the possibilities.

Tips for the outdoor photos:

  1. Take photos in good weather and make sure you have the sun at your back as much as possible. Otherwise the photo will soon be dark and the house will be difficult to see.
  2. Preferably take photos of the front, back and side of your holiday home, both in summer and winter.
  3. Make sure your balcony/terrace looks attractive by placing garden furniture and for example an open parasol (summer). 
  4. For the outdoor photos avoid parked cars, people, rubbish bins, loose building waste, traffic signs, etc. 

Tips for the indoor photos
  1. Preferably take photos during the day.
  2. Be careful with too much artificial light. Many burning lamps can give a yellow glow over the photo. It is advisable to turn on bedside lamps etc. during the day, as they create a nice atmosphere.
  3. If you take a photo in the evening or in a dark room, we recommend that you turn on all the lights.
  4. If possible in dark rooms, do not use flash but a slow shutter speed.
  5. Be careful with backlighting so do not photograph in the direction of the windows
  6. Make sure the house is tidy and decorated. This creates atmosphere.
  7. Paintings, flowers and a laid table and made beds are important.
  8. Pay attention to the camera angle: bend your knees or stand on a chair. Eye level is not always the best choice.
  9. Try to keep distracting elements out of the picture as much as possible, such as bags, clothing, shoes, people, pets, etc.

General tips

On the internet, only landscape photos work.
You can never take too less photos so take photos of a room from different angles, vary the photos by using lights on or off to see the difference etc. For optimal summer and winter hire it is desirable to take both summer and winter photos of (off) the terraces and/or balconies.
Before taking photos please check our website for examples of how other owners have taken their photos or had them taken.

Delivery of material

To send the photos, we recommend using the free service 'WeTransfer' ( Via 'WeTransfer' you can send all your photos at once to our e-mail address