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Essential tips for the first skiing holiday (kids' edition)

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 29 December 2022
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The first time you take your kids on a ski holiday is such an exciting time, but it can also be a little bit daunting. There are so many things to think about - which ski area is best for the children, how will we survive the car journey, and what should I bring with me? Use our checklist to help you with a few of these questions:

The car ride

A trip to Austria is always a long one for the children. Therefore, the most important thing is to arrange the ride according to your preference and knowledge of your children. For example, is it wiser to make a stopover and spend the night there, or can my children entertain themselves so they can continue driving in one go? For more tips, check out the blog: The long car ride to Austria with the kids.

Child-friendly ski area

The skiing fun ends as soon as a child gets bored. So take a good look at a chalet or apartment where the children can also play outside in the snow in addition to skiing. Several ski areas focus on younger children, namely Katschberg-Aineck and the WildkogelArena. In addition to fun ski schools, there is also a great children's world. Here the children can experience the fun of skiing in a playful way through talking figures, fun obstacles and practice lifts.

What does your child need?

"I'm cold" is the phrase no parent likes to hear but you can avoid this by using three-layer systems. Start with a layer of thermal over the underwear; this ensures that the sweat is absorbed and the body stays warm and dry. On top of that comes a vest or ski pully that can be taken off when they are warm. This second layer provides extra warmth and insulation. The last layer is the ski jacket and ski pants, which are wind, water and snow-tight. To complete the outfit, it is essential to wear gloves and a ski helmet for your child's safety.

Eye-catching clothing

The gathering place for the ski lessons is always jam-packed. Nothing is more annoying than worrying about not being able to spot your own child in their ski class. Therefore, choose eye-catching ski clothing or accessories; for example, there are very cool helmet covers with animal print or glitter. In addition, we recommend buying a coloured ski suit instead of white or black.


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Haus Stöckl Top 12

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Schöneben Haus Wenters

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