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Active on vacation as a 65-plusser? In Austria, it's possible!

By: Simon la Lau at 03 April 2024
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Do you hear it often these days? "65 is the new 50," an expression that, in our opinion, holds true and implies that people aged 65 and over are fit and vital! Therefore, still capable of actively enjoying life and the beautiful Alpine landscape. In this blog, you'll discover why Austria is such a fantastic vacation destination for you as a 65-plusser, or should we say 'new fifty-something'? So keep reading for all the information. 

Enjoying Nature   

Naturally A fantastic activity to undertake in Austria is hiking. In the Alps, you don't take 'ordinary' walks; each hike is an adventure in itself due to the beautiful surroundings! We recommend taking a look at the Hohe Tauern National Park. This protected nature reserve offers well-maintained hiking trails and is perfect for those who love endless walks in pristine nature. Ski lifts are not allowed in the park, so you can enjoy breathtaking views of a clear blue sky!  
Tip: Don't forget to wear sturdy hiking boots and bring enough food and drink for the journey.  

Exploring on Wheels   

Just like the hiking trails, the bike paths in Austria are of exceptionally good quality. You can explore almost the entire area on two wheels and relax in the quiet and green nature. During your bike ride, you can enjoy beautiful views of picturesque villages in the valley or massive mountain ranges!  
If you're unsure if you can handle the tour physically, there's always the option to choose a bike that helps you. Many bike rental companies in Austria rent out electric bikes alongside regular bikes and mountain bikes.  
Tip: Make sure to have the contact information of the bike rental company on hand so you can always contact them if, for example, you get a flat tire on the way.  
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Explore the country by bike

Refreshingly Relaxing   

After a strenuous bike ride, there's nothing better than fully relaxing, and where better to do that than at a pool or lake? Take a refreshing dip in the cool water amidst the Austrian mountains, read your favorite book on a lounge chair on the green lawn, or feel like a child again by making a splash and sliding down the water slide.  
At some lakes, it's also possible to rent a boat and enjoy the peace and surroundings in the middle of the lake. For the ultimate relaxation, however, we recommend visiting one of the many Austrian swimming pools with wellness areas, saunas, and gastronomy sections. There's something for everyone!  
Tip: Check the weather forecast before swimming far or going out on the lake by boat. The weather can change quickly in mountainous areas.  

Sunny Culinary Delights   

The pleasure of tasting delicious Austrian cuisine is not limited to the gastronomic areas at swimming pools. Austria boasts numerous cozy restaurants with sunny terraces spread throughout the country. In every city or village, you can find a charming eatery where you can enjoy typical dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel, Apfelstrudel, or Kaiserschmarrn under the radiant sun. This adds to a real holiday feeling!  
Tip: Don't forget to enjoy the characteristic drinks such as Almdudler, Radler, or Apfelmost during your stay in Austria! These delicious and refreshing drinks are perfect for a warm spring or summer day.  

Successful Swing   

Austria is, of course, known for its beautiful mountainous landscape, but did you know that it's also one of the leading countries in golf? The country boasts almost 200 golfcourses, ranging from flat courses perfect for beginners to challenging courses for advanced golfers. The courses also vary in location, with some surrounded by mountains while others are located on the banks of beautiful rivers and lakes. This means that all types of golfers can enjoy themselves in Austria! The popularity of golf has skyrocketed in the past ten years, making it one of the most practiced sports in Austria today.  
Tip: Although golf may not seem like such a tactical game at first glance, it is indeed. If you want to win, for example, you can study the layout of the course and the position of obstacles in advance (secretly). Then, based on your findings, make smart decisions to improve your scores!  
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Beautiful golf course

Family Adventures   

Austria is not only a very suitable country to stay in for over 65s but also to enjoy an unforgettable time with both your own children and grandchildren. Together, you ensure that every day offers new 'adventures'. For example, visit a climbing park with your grandchildren while you relax on the terrace and enjoy the sun. Take the time to chat with your daughter-in-law on the balcony of your chalet or discuss the exciting sports match from the previous evening with your son. The possibilities are endless!  
Tip: Book a spacious chalet with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms so you can seek the company of others but also retreat when you need to.  

65 Better Than 50?   

Although 65 is the new 50, being over 65 actually has an advantage compared to still being 50. Many hotels and tourist organizations offer discount passes for their older guests, which can provide benefits when purchasing tickets for local attractions, restaurants, and transportation.  
Tip: To obtain the most recent information about discounts in Austria, we recommend visiting the official tourism websites or contacting the local tourist office. The available discounts can vary depending on the season, region, and even the village.  

Altitude Training  

Altitude training is a training method in which athletes venture to high-altitude areas to train at elevations where the air is thinner and the oxygen levels are lower than at sea level. So, if you feel like training intensively with your friends at high altitudes, order an Austrian beer, grab a deck of cards, and challenge them to a card game, moving to a new sun-drenched terrace every hour. This way, you'll train your card-playing skills at high altitudes, enjoy the fresh air, and have fun! 😉 

The Land awaits 

In summary, the magnificent Alpine landscape is ready to be explored, offering you the vacation of your dreams. Austria awaits you as a 65-plusser! 


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