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Also in autumn, Austria is definitely worth a visit!

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 02 August 2023
Herfstvakantie oostenrijk
An impression of autumn in Austria!
We all know that Austria is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the winter months, and it is becoming increasingly popular in the summer as well. But did you know that Austria is also highly appealing in autumn? The weather in Austria during this time is still very pleasant, and there are numerous activities and festivals taking place in the months of September, October, and November. So, if you want to take a week off during the autumn holidays, Austria is an ideal destination.

Autumn activities in Austria

Many of the activities you can enjoy during the summer months in Austria are also available during the autumn holidays. Of course, by the end of October and the beginning of November, winter is slowly announcing itself in the mountains, but mainly at high mountain peaks. 
Hersft in oostenrijk
Enjoying the autumn season!
That means you can still enjoy mountain biking, rafting, paragliding, or any other activity you desire. You might need to consider the weather conditions when it comes to clothing, but other than that, you can fully indulge yourself in Austria during the fall. Moreover, there are various festivities in Austria during autumn that make the country truly worth a visit during this period. One example is the Almabtrieb, a grand farmer's celebration where the cattle return from the Alps to the valley.
Hersft oostenrijk bergen
Planning a trip to Austria in autumn? Inquire about the possibilities.

Peace and natural beauty

For nature lovers, autumn is also a favorable time to explore the beautiful landscapes that Austria has to offer. During the autumn holidays, Austria is less crowded than in summer and winter. This means that during a mountain hike, you are likely to encounter few to no people and can fully enjoy the tranquility and the flora and fauna around you. If you wish to explore Austria at your own pace and in peaceful surroundings, the autumn holidays are the perfect choice.

Affordable rates

An additional advantage of visiting Austria during the autumn holidays is that travel rates are lower compared to the winter and summer months. The rates for holiday accommodations are also lower during autumn. If you want to save on your vacation costs and, at the same time, want to fully enjoy everything Austria has to offer, then the autumn holidays are an ideal period to book your vacation. Looking for accommodation? Check out our attractive selection of chalets and apartments during the autumn holidays in Austria.


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