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Snowshoe hikes in Königsleiten!

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 06 December 2023
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This winter, Paul (66) and Carmen (62) are heading to Königsleiten in Austria to visit their son Tim and his wife Emma, who have been living in the picturesque village for a few years. The original plan for the sixty-something couple was to go skiing with their son and daughter-in-law, but unfortunately, that won't be possible this year. A few weeks ago, Paul suffered a shoulder injury. Despite this setback, Paul is eagerly looking forward to the vacation, as Tim suggests an exciting activity that can be undertaken even with such an injury: snowshoeing!


Initially, Paul doesn't know how to react to Tim's suggestion of going on a snowshoe hike. 'A snowshoe hike... What does that exactly entail?' is his first reaction. When his son then explains that a snowshoe hike is an accessible and relaxed form of walking, enabling people to explore beautiful winter landscapes, he has Paul's attention. The fact that Paul needs to put on special snowshoes to easily walk through deep snow doesn't bother him. He is already sold on the idea that soon, far away from busy ski resorts, he will be enjoying the fantastic nature during the winter months.

Walking Areas

After her husband's enthusiastic response, Carmen decides to delve deeper into the world of snowshoeing the next morning. She looks up where these walks typically take place and quickly concludes that the excursions occur in areas with sufficient snow coverage, such as mountainous regions, national parks, wooded areas, or even on specially prepared trails in ski resorts.
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As Paul and Carmen are visiting their son and daughter-in-law in Königsleiten, and Paul is unable to ski, Carmen wants to plan two snowshoe hikes during their stay. Königsleiten is located in the Zillertal Arena, so Carmen is looking for the most interesting snowshoe trails in that region. She quickly comes across the 'Leisurely Snowshoe Hike with Lois', a beautiful route through romantic meadows and mountain forests, suitable for both beginners and advanced hikers. The 'Snowshoe Hike for Mountain Enthusiasts' through snow-covered winter landscapes in the Hohe Tauern National Park also appeals to her.


Before confirming the excursions, Carmen reads a blog emphasizing the experiences of participating in snowshoeing tours. She is somewhat surprised but pleased to learn that snowshoeing is generally an accessible winter activity for a broad audience, regardless of age or fitness level. The blog writer does point out the importance of checking local weather conditions and the route before departure, and carrying the appropriate safety equipment such as warm clothing, gloves, water, and snacks. The blog also mentions that the activity is reasonably suitable for individuals like Paul who are recovering from an injury, as it has a relatively low impact on the joints.
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Walking on snowshoes

With a Guide

After reviewing all the essential information, Carmen decides to book a snowshoeing tour. Upon seeing the option 'with a guide,' she hesitates and calls her son. Tim informs his mother that he took his first tour with a guide and learned a lot about nature, the surroundings, and snowshoeing techniques. He appreciated having the guide keeping an eye on things, ensuring the safety of the journey. Tim also shares that during the second tour, he walked with Emma and enjoyed the freedom and flexibility to set their own pace, allowing them to fully savor the experience.


As Carmen hangs up the phone, she decides to follow in her son's footsteps: take the first tour with a guide and the second one without. After receiving the booking confirmation, Carmen looks at Paul with a broad smile and excitedly shares the news that they will be going on a snowshoeing adventure in Königsleiten! Paul has completely overcome the disappointment of not being able to ski and jumps off the couch like an excited child. "This is going to be the best vacation ever!" cheers the 66-year-old Paul.


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