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How can I make the most of the peak season

By: Roy at 20 January 2020
The time has finally arrived for your winter sports holiday. You are really looking forward to it, but so are many others! During certain times of the year, many Dutch people go to the mountains for winter sports. If you are finding the crowds a bit much in the high season, this idyllic and wonderful white world may be different from what you had previously imagined, but you will still find everything here that makes winter sport so great. You just have to take a different approach sometimes.

100% enjoyment

In the high season, you are not the only one full of enthusiasm for packing up to hit the slopes. The early bird may still be lucky and enjoy the silence on the slopes, but it usually does not take much for things to get busy during the high season. Of course, the winter sports destination you are going to makes a difference as one place may attract a lot more people than another. The large ski resorts are crowded during the high season but are also geared to cope with this. So if you do it right, you can enjoy your winter sports holiday for a full 100%.
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Sooner or later?

Having a lie-in on holiday is lovely but if you want to avoid crowds, you would be well-advised to head to the slopes either really early or a bit later. If you have to take the bus to a ski area, it is definitely wiser to deviate from the popular times. You don't want to have to cram yourself into a crowded bus. If you have to travel by car, then going early is a better choice to ensure that you also have a parking space.

The same applies to lunch on the slopes. Just wait until the worst of the crowds have dispersed and find a nice spot on the terrace in the sun to eat your schnitzel. If you go to the slopes later, you can enjoy a bit more of a lie-in and have a relaxed breakfast. Fortunately, in a chalet, you don't have to deal with the hustle and bustle at the breakfast buffet and everything is very relaxed and at your own pace. Use the bread delivery service and your breakfast will be fresh every morning at the door of your holiday home. You won't even notice that it is high season.

Be prepared

If you do not want to miss a moment of your day, it is wise to ensure that everything is ready the night before so you don't have to waste time searching for your gloves or goggles. The sooner you can take advantage of the freshly prepared slopes the better. Don't start with a downhill run otherwise you must still catch up with the people who got up a lot later than you. First choose the sunny slopes, which are usually in a worse condition later in the day. By the time the masses are up, you'll already have had a great time and you can also stop earlier to skip the hustle and bustle at the lifts back to the valley.
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Things to remember

Naturally, the lifts are always the location of crowds and bottlenecks, especially at lunchtime when the lifts at the mountain restaurants are often very busy. You might find it more convenient to sit on the outside edge of the ski area. If you have to queue at the lift for a lengthy time, try to make the time as pleasant as possible. Enjoy the sunshine, chat to your neighbour and ask for nice routes or exchange other useful information. Always be aware that you are on holiday, you could be working.

The risk of accidents is also higher on a busy slope so always stick to the rules and don't go too fast on crowded parts. Make sure that you do not endanger other winter sports enthusiasts. Do not suddenly stand still and do not make unexpected moves on a narrow and busy mountain path.

The more the merrier ...

It is also a bit busier in the après-ski, but look at it this way: the more the merrier! If you get to the après-ski a bit earlier, you'll be assured of a place. You can reserve a table in the restaurant to eat in advance. Are you going to cook yourself? Then make sure you don't have to go to the supermarket every day after skiing. Get food for a few days at home and shop in the morning.


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