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On holiday from sunday to sunday: Discover the benefits!

By: Simon la Lau at 27 March 2024
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Many holidaymakers still choose to head to Austria on Saturdays. This is because Saturday marks the first day of their freedom, and they want to embark on their holiday in the beautiful Alpine landscape as swiftly as possible. However, the question arises: does one truly experience more joy by departing as soon as possible, opting for a vacation from Saturday to Saturday, in comparison to booking a stay from Sunday to Sunday? In this blog, we delve into this for you!


Anyone who has ever been on holiday by car is acquainted with the term 'Black Saturday.' This phrase refers to the busiest days on European highways during the holiday season. On these days, traffic congestion is common due to a large number of vacationers heading out simultaneously.

There is nothing more vexing than getting stuck in traffic. It means hours of standing still and not covering any distance while longing to reach your destination. If you are very fortunate, there is a chance that you won't face delays on Saturday. However, if you depart on Sunday, you don't even need that luck. Sundays are generally much quieter on the road, partly because trucks are not allowed to drive on Sundays in Germany. This significantly diminishes the chance of getting stuck in traffic when departing on Sunday!
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Quiet German Autobahn


The preparation for a long car journey is also more relaxed when you depart on Sunday. After a full workweek, you still have an extra free Saturday to prepare for your holiday. On Saturdays, all shops are open, allowing you time to get the last essential supplies for the journey. Additionally, you have all the time to pack your bags and do a final load of laundry. Since you can prepare your holiday calmly, you can depart fully rested on Sunday morning, avoiding stress on Friday evening when you come home from work!


Besides the relaxed preparation for your holiday, it is also financially more attractive in some cases to book from Sunday to Sunday. The rates for accommodations from Saturday to Saturday are often higher than those from Sunday to Sunday. Factors that can influence the price include 'supply and demand,' 'flight times,' and 'travel trends and patterns'.

It is important to remember that prices depend on these factors and can fluctuate, meaning that it is generally, but not always, cheaper to book from Sunday to Sunday than from Saturday to Saturday.


As mentioned earlier, Saturdays are busier on the road than Sundays. Since so many people are on the road, they cannot all be on the slopes at the same time. This means that if you go on vacation from Sunday to Sunday, you have a much quieter skiing day (on Saturday) than if you go from Saturday to Saturday (on Sunday).

A logical consequence of the crowds on Saturday is also that many people take ski lessons at a ski school the next day. Therefore, Sundays are always very busy at ski schools. If, on the other hand, you arrive on Sunday and only take a lesson on Monday, it is much quieter at the ski schools!
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A skiing class


The answer to the question 'Do people enjoy more by leaving as soon as possible and thus vacationing from Saturday to Saturday, compared to booking a stay from Sunday to Sunday?' is: It cannot be determined whether people enjoy more during a Saturday-Saturday vacation. What is clear, however, is that people experience less traffic stress, can prepare for the holiday more relaxed, the holiday rates can be more favorable, and it is at least one day quieter on the slopes and at the ski schools. There are, therefore, plenty of advantages to booking accommodation from Sunday to Sunday!


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