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10 Reasons to Choose Austria for Your Summer Holiday

By: Arina van Vuuren at 24 May 2024
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When you think of Austria, you think of skiing, snow, and coziness. In short: the perfect ingredients for a successful winter sports holiday! But did you know that this surprising country is also an excellent place for delightful holidays in the summer? In the warmer months, the snow is exchanged for the sun, and there is no trace of wintry temperatures. With that, the hordes of tourists and winter fun enthusiasts also disappear. Entirely unjustly, because while sunny holiday destinations might immediately bring to mind France, Spain, and Italy, you can also enjoy a top-notch summer vacation in lovely Austria.

1. Blissful in Nature 

Austria is abundant in mountains and lakes, making nature never far to seek during a holiday in the Alpine country. Moreover, you are always assured of tranquil views, making it a haven for those seeking peace and quiet. Craving some hustle and bustle and the vibrant atmosphere of the city? Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Vienna are always close by.

2. Pleasant Climate 

Winters are cold in Austria, but the summers more than make up for it. Thanks to the continental climate, you are in the right place here for a ski holiday in the winter months and the summers are ideal for those who love tropical temperatures. So, you can splash around in one of the numerous lakes and get a nice tan while sunbathing. 

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Hiking in the mountains

3. Privacy in Chalets by ChaletsPlus 

There's nothing better during the holiday season than being able to retreat and enjoy time with your own family. And where better to do that than in a spacious holiday home with plenty of privacy? For that, you're in good hands with ChaletsPlus. With a selection of hundreds of holiday homes for 4 to 26 people, you'll always find the peace and space you long for.

4. Luxury in Chalets by ChaletsPlus 

If you thought you'd only find privacy in the chalets by ChaletsPlus, you're mistaken because these holiday homes will certainly appeal to luxury lovers too! Moreover, you'll find chalets here in all shapes and sizes, so there's something for everyone. How about, for example, a chalet with its own sauna where you can relax to the fullest after an active day of vacation? You'll fly through that holiday for sure!

5. Not Too Crowded 

While you'll find countless tourists on the slopes in December, January, and February, it's a different story in the summer months. Not only do the white flakes literally and figuratively disappear like snow in the sun, but the tourists also leave in droves. This transforms Austria into an oasis of peace in the high season, where young and old can fully enjoy themselves. Ideal for those looking for undiscovered and peaceful destinations.

6. Fresh Mountain Air 

Hmm... mountain air! Not only is this thin air good for your lungs, it's also the perfect remedy for your inner peace. After a day in the mountains, you'll feel completely relaxed. The fresh mountain air combined with the beautiful panoramas you encounter along the way and the natural scents make it easy to find yourself here. At the end of your holiday, the mountain air will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your health.

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An Austrian beer

7. Active Activities

When you think of Austria, you think of nature, and that's exactly the ideal setting for intensive activities. From hours-long hikes to challenging bike routes: Austria is a jack-of-all-trades and makes active holidaymakers entirely happy. And did you know that with many chalets from the ChaletsPlus selection, you also get a free summer card that gives you free or discounted access to public transport and tourist attractions?

8. Good Value for Money

Holidays are not cheap, but in Austria, you can count on good value for money. Moreover, prices in the summer are generally lower than in the winter, allowing you and your wallet to enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

9. Delightful Terraces 

In winter, you have après-ski huts, but in summer, you can relax on the most beautiful terraces with views of the mountains. Here, after an intensive bike or hiking tour, you can sit down for an Austrian meal or a refreshing drink. Moreover, these terraces often have a playground, so the kids also have the time of their lives. Ideal for recharging before continuing your journey.

10. Abundance of Wellness Facilities 

Taking a break from the daily grind and letting all your worries slip away? That's what the numerous spa facilities in Austria are more than suitable for. The countless wellness centers and spas bring body and mind back into balance for peace-seekers and let you enjoy to the fullest. If you haven't already found complete peace in the beautiful surroundings, the wellness facilities will ensure that you return home recharged. 
Are you also excited to experience the ultimate summer vacation in Austria? Then take a look at the ChaletsPlus selection and find a holiday home that suits you.


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