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The Durlassboden reservoir: a summer must-visit!

By: Simon la Lau at 03 July 2024
Header EN Het Durlassboden stuwmeer een zomerse must visit

Reservoir Durlassboden is one of the many lakes in Austria, located near the picturesque Königsleiten in the Zillertal. Although it might seem like just an ordinary lake at first glance, it is actually much more than that. In this article, you'll discover why this lake is so special and why it's worth a visit during your holiday in Austria!


The reservoir was not formed naturally but created through human intervention. Its construction began with the building of a dam, which formed an artificial water reservoir. This man-made lake plays an essential role in energy supply as part of a hydroelectric power project, where electricity is generated by hydropower. As a result, the lake is considered by many to be an important technological advancement in electricity generation.

Countless Visitors 

In addition to its role as an energy source, the lake is also a popular tourist attraction. Every year, countless visitors come to the lake to enjoy the stunning surroundings and the various activities on offer. This combination of functionality and natural beauty makes the reservoir an important and beloved feature of the region.


The first activity you can enjoy is, of course, a refreshing dip in the lake. During the summer months, the water warms up to a pleasant 21 degrees Celsius. After swimming or simply floating around, you can relax on the sunbathing lawn by the lake. Bring a book, listen to a podcast, or chat with your holiday companions. There's also a playground for children and designated spots for barbecuing. The possibilities are endless!

Foto 1 Het Durlassboden stuwmeer een zomerse must visit
Stand-up paddling © SalzburgerLand

Chatting on the Water 

You can chat with your travel companions not only on your towel on the sunbathing lawn but also on a pedalo. These are available for hire at the lake, allowing you to explore the entire lake and its beautiful surroundings from the water. You'll be surprised at how different the world looks from the water compared to the shore. Renting a pedalo is definitely recommended.

Water Sports 

If you're adventurous, the Durlassboden Reservoir is perfect for you! On the water's surface, you can engage in various water sports such as stand-up paddling, canoeing, kayaking, and even surfing. Surfing here is particularly special, as the reservoir hosts Austria's highest surf school, located at an altitude of 1,400 metres!

Fishing and Golfing 

A combination you don't often see, but it's certainly possible at the Durlassboden Reservoir: fishing and golfing. You can improve your swing right by the beautiful shore at Seestüberl Gerlos with special golf balls that dissolve in the water and serve as fish food! The stunning view of the Alps makes this training a fantastic experience, as does the pleasantly calming silence that makes fishing such a unique experience. Fishing permits are available at Hotel Platzer and Restaurant Seestüberl in Gerlos.

Foto 2 Het Durlassboden stuwmeer een zomerse must visit
The Durlassboden reservoir

Hiking Tip 

A definite highlight is the walk around the lake. This route takes you past various charming mountain huts and offers beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. The mountain huts are perfect places to relax, enjoy the tranquillity, or sample local dishes. In short, this hiking route combines natural beauty with culinary experiences!


All in all, the lake is special not only because of the way it was created but also because of the important role it plays in energy generation and the numerous tranquil as well as adventurous activities you can undertake there. All this makes a visit to the lake a guaranteed unforgettable experience during your stay in Austria!

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