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First time on a hiking holiday! Tips for beginners

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 22 November 2023
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Hiking through nature
Many people have 'discovered' mountain hiking in recent years. It's a fantastic challenge that is educational and good for your fitness, but also brings you and your partner together in pristine nature! However, such a challenge can sometimes also bring danger. Good preparation is essential. Therefore, we provide some tips below to go well-prepared on your journey.

The route

Firstly, of course, you determine where and how you are going to walk. The most important thing is to choose a route that suits your physical condition. Some hikers travel untrained and forget that especially climbing is a strain on your endurance and muscles. Our tip: Determine the right route in advance and train beforehand!

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Defining the route

The weather

If you have trained well and are ready for the start of your hiking adventure, it is important to check the weather forecasts on the day before the start of your adventure. Weather conditions have become much more variable in recent years than before. Extreme rainfall, thunderstorms, or even snow in the summer are no longer exceptions. Especially the first two types of weather are dangerous. Well-passable hiking paths can suddenly turn into flowing streams due to heavy rainfall. This can lead to people getting stuck in the mountains. Our tip: Check the weather forecasts before you depart!

The alarm

clock If the weather forecasts are good, it's time to set your alarm clock. Getting up early and leaving in time to start the hike means that you are not walking at the hottest time of the day, thus significantly reducing the risk of overheating or dehydration. Also, the chance of descending in the dark is much smaller if you leave home early. Walking downhill when you can't see a hand in front of your face is very dangerous and not enjoyable. Our tip: Depart early to avoid the hottest and darkest hours of the day!


Despite good preparations, some people still end up consciously or unconsciously deviating from the path. Everyone knows the horror stories of people getting lost while hiking. Something you certainly do not want to experience. Therefore, it is important to have a hiking map, GPS, and compass with you. Our tip: Know how to use the most important tools!


In addition to the important tools, also bring enough food and drink. This is because these additional precautions make your hike more comfortable. Additionally, eating something like a banana helps maintain your energy level, even if the hike lasts longer than planned due to circumstances. Our tip: Bring energy-rich foods!

Voor het eerst op wandelvakantie 1
Hiking to the top


If, despite our tips, something goes wrong unexpectedly, there are special mountain rescue services in many mountain areas. In some countries, these services are free, but not in Austria. In Austria, this is insurance work. Our tip: Make sure you are well insured!


In short, with these practical tips, you are optimally prepared. Ready for your hiking adventure, ready to explore the wide world, and ready to enjoy the stunning Austrian nature!


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