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The Almabtrieb in Austria

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 02 August 2023
Almabtrieb september oostenrijk
Almabtrieb is an annual festival in Austria. It is a farming tradition that celebrates the return of cattle (cows and sheep) to the stables. During the spring and summer months, the livestock grazes in the mountain meadows, and when autumn arrives, the farmers drive the animals back to the meadows in the valleys and the stables. This is celebrated with various activities that make Austria worth visiting in the autumn.

Experiencing an Almabtrieb is a must!

Almabtrieb takes place in September and is celebrated grandly! It often coincides with various autumn markets, making it a traditional event full of delights.
Almabtrieb oostenrijk
Numerous delicacies and traditional farmer's dishes are prepared and can be sampled, accompanied by folk music performances. The streets and the livestock itself are adorned with colorful decorations, and there are various stands and stalls where local people showcase their craftsmanship, ranging from milk product preparation to handicrafts.

During the Almabtrieb parade, the livestock marches through the villages in procession, with the roads closed off, and spectators cheering the farmers and animals on the sidelines. This spectacle takes place in the evening (usually around 7:00 PM) and is the highlight of the festival. Farmers dress their cows and sheep in colorful garments and beautiful flower creations and parade them from the mountains to the valleys. Prizes are also awarded to the farmer with the most creatively decorated livestock.
Almabtrieb westendorf
Culinary Delights
During the Almabtrieb, the culinary aspect is not forgotten. Along the parade route, there are various restaurants and cafes where the celebration can be enjoyed with food and drinks. Several stages are set up along the route for people to dance to local live music. Often, the weather during this period is very pleasant, providing an excellent opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty that Austria has to offer. It's definitely worth it.

Experience the Almabtrieb up close!
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