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How do I survive the 'snowmageddon'?

By: Roy at 11 January 2019
Snowmageddon en
The 'snowmageddon' in Austria is a hot topic at the moment. There has been so much snow in a short period of time that there is enough snow for the ski areas to be open until April, winter fun everywhere! Of course, there are also a number of things that you have to take into account during these extreme circumstances.

We've put together three tips so you can safely enjoy the enormous snow mountains and these unique conditions! 

1. Be prepared 
Keep an eye on the current traffic information. Are the roads accessible? Do you have emergency numbers close to hand? It may seem obvious, but it is oh, so important: make sure your (rented) car is winter-ready. 
Snowmageddon tips 2
2. Stay on the slopes!
Because of the enormous snowfall, the danger of an avalanche is at its highest. Depending on the area, the avalanche figure is between 3-5 on a scale of 5. The fresh lightweight snow causes problems because it is easy to move so that an avalanche can quickly arise. So be careful! Do not be tempted to go off-piste and if a ski area has closed a slope, they have a good reason for that. Always inquire about the current state of affairs at the ski lifts at the start of your winter sports day. 

3. Keep an eye on the weather forecast or the snow radar
Of course, there is nothing as changeable as the weather and this is not only true of the UK. The timing of snowy conditions can change per area and moment. Always check the weather forecast or the snow radar before you leave the chalet! 
Snowmageddon tips 1
Are you now having second thoughts about going to Austria? Our last and best tip: use your common sense! And enjoy this unique phenomenon with majestic views. Maybe it won't be possible to ski every day as you usually do, but just think how cool would be to experience these special circumstances up close. 

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