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Close the winter sports season well: Go skiing during Easter!

By: Simon la Lau at 21 February 2024
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The Easter days are just around the corner, and what better way to spend them than heading to the Austrian mountains? It is indeed the last opportunity of the winter season to enjoy the breathtaking landscape and zoom down the slopes with fresh snow under your skis! In this blog, you'll discover why it's a great idea to wrap up the winter sports season during Easter.

Good Atmosphere

While spring makes its entrance across Europe in late March, the Alpine landscape still clings to its winter charm, complemented by the warmth of spring sunshine. This combination creates pleasant temperatures and cheerful winter sports enthusiasts, enhancing the atmosphere on the slopes!
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Enjoy the sun

More Time

The perfect atmosphere is not the only advantage of a skiing holiday during Easter. Many people are also free from their work and therefore simply have more time to enjoy everything that makes winter sports so fantastic. Moreover, if Easter takes place in or after the last weekend of March, you can enjoy longer daylight because the clock moves forward by one hour at the end of March. This makes the days longer, and it stays light for a longer period.

On the Terrace

Après-ski is one of those fantastic 'elements' of winter sports. When it's cold, this phenomenon generally takes place indoors. However, during Easter, it's more enjoyable to après-ski outdoors in the spring sunshine. After a long day on the slopes, you can relax on a sun-drenched terrace and savor a well-deserved typical Austrian drink. The feeling of the sun on your face combined with the crisp mountain air makes après-ski during Easter delightful.

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Enjoy on the terrace

No Queues

What makes skiing during Easter extra enjoyable is that the slopes are much quieter compared to, for example, the month of February. Since others often believe that late March is too late to descend snow-covered slopes, it's wonderfully peaceful on the pistes, allowing you to enjoy stunning descents without long waits at the ski lift!


In addition to all the previously mentioned benefits, there's another positive aspect to going on a ski vacation during Easter: the prices during these holidays are relatively favorable, especially compared to weeks like Christmas or Half Term Holidays. So, you can take advantage of cost-effective rates.

Perfect Opportunity

All in all, a ski vacation in Austria during Easter is the perfect opportunity to wrap up the winter sports season on a high note. Gather your winter sports gear, book a vacation home, and make sure you're fully prepared to enjoy because Easter is the ideal occasion for it!


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