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Front Office: For all your holiday questions!

By: Simon la Lau at 10 April 2024
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In a cozy office building in Gouda, Netherlands, you'll find a small but dedicated team of Front Office staff every working day. This team consists of four smart ladies (Arina, Bianca, Esther and Desiree) and  a gentleman (Marcel). Together, they form a beacon of knowledge and are always ready to answer your questions, even on a sunny October morning. 

By Phone  

A man who is about to book calls the office that morning with some pressing questions. Even before Front Office employee Marcel can say 'good morning', the person starts firing off questions like 'Is ChaletsPlus reliable and is my money safe with you?' and 'Can I receive regular information from ChaletsPlus?'. Marcel immediately reassures the caller by pointing out ChaletsPlus' membership with SGR and, and the impressive customer rating of an average of 8.8! Additionally, the employee explains that signing up for the newsletter is free, and following ChaletsPlus on Facebook and Instagram will keep you informed about the latest developments in the area of your booked holiday home. With Marcel's quick and efficient response, the man's worries disappear like snow in the sun.
Front Office Voor al jouw Vakantievragen Foto 1
Marcel on the phone

Via Chat

The next day, the man has already booked his holiday. However, he still has some questions about his accommodation in Bramberg am Wildkogel. Since the man is in the train in the quiet carriage, he cannot call to ask these questions to a Front Office staff member. Fortunately, ChaletsPlus also has a handy chat function where questions can be asked. Therefore, the person asks his questions via chat: 'Where can I order sandwiches?', 'What type of coffee machine is available in the holiday home?' and 'Can I bring my dog?'. Even a photo of the four-legged friend is sent with the last question. Front Office staff member Desiree, who handles answering questions via chat, loves dogs herself, but unfortunately has to disappoint the caller. "Although we are real animal lovers at ChaletsPlus, pets are unfortunately not allowed in most chalets. You can check on the website which house allows this", Desiree informs. 
Desiree also provides polite answers to the other two questions: "You can order sandwiches in Bramberg am Wildkogel, as well as in Königsleiten, Hochkrimml, Wald im Pinzgau, Neukirchen, Dienten and Saalbach daily in the winter and summer months (June to August)." Desiree continues: "Our holiday homes come with a standard filter coffee machine. If there is also a Senseo or Nespresso machine available, this will be mentioned in the description on our website." Once again, the man is clearly addressed and all his questions are answered. Desiree wishes the person a nice holiday in advance and closes the chat. 

By Email

After not having spoken to the person in question for weeks, the Front Office suddenly receives an email on a cold December day:

"Dear ChaletsPlus employees,

I am about to depart for Austria. However, I have not prepared properly and am driving alone for the first time, in my electric car, to the Alpine country. Due to my inadequate preparation, I don't know where I can charge my car on the way and whether I necessarily need winter tires. I also wonder how my partner and two children, who are traveling by plane due to the amount of luggage I am taking in the car, can get from the airport to our chalet. Can you please help me?

Kind regards,

Without hesitation, Front Office staff member Esther immediately picks up the phone and calls the person back. Fortunately, the call is answered on the other end. Esther notices the stress in the person's voice and tries to reassure him immediately. "Don't worry," says the employee, "If you go to the Chargemap website, you will find a fantastic overview of all electric charging stations on the way to Austria." The guest then asks, "And what about the winter tires? My neighbor has a garage, so I can quickly stop by there if necessary." Esther replies, "Yes, I would definitely do that. Since January 2008, all cars traveling in Austria under winter conditions must be equipped with winter tires and sufficient windshield washer fluid with antifreeze. And by the way, regarding your partner and children, public transport, a taxi, or a rental car would be the best option for them. However, if they opt for public transport, they should be aware of longer travel times and more frequent transfers than usual." 

Front Office Voor al jouw Vakantievragen Foto 2
Esther in 'action'

On the Website

The next evening, the man gets into his car to Austria. When he's been on the road for an hour, he gets a call from his wife: His mother-in-law can't come at the last minute because she's ill. He doesn't hesitate and calls ChaletsPlus again. However, all Front Office staff members are no longer available at that time, as it's already 7:00 pm in the evening. The worried man parks his car at the side of the road, takes his phone, and surfs to the updated ChaletsPlus website, updated by Front Office staff member Arina, to see if the answer to the question 'How can I make a change to my booking later?' is there. And indeed, on the website, under the frequently asked questions section, the answer to his question is there. Notifying a change regarding a booking can be done via My ChaletsPlus. However, change fees may apply. 


Unfortunately, just as he enters Austria, he gets another call with bad news. His wife and children have missed their flight and probably won't be able to come to Austria much later. The man hangs up frustrated and checks if it's possible to cancel the vacation. After all, the family is only going to Austria for four days, so if they arrive days later, the trip wouldn't be worth it. The person consults the website again for information on cancellation fees and how to cancel the booking. Once again, Arina has clearly processed the information on the website, and the man reads that there may be costs associated with a cancellation, but that this depends on the rental agreement with the landlord of the holiday home.

Just as the man is about to cancel the trip, his wife calls to say that they have been given a spot on a plane that leaves in an hour. The man breathes a sigh of relief and realizes that he and his family can indeed look forward to some wonderful days in the Austrian mountains! 


Despite the chaotic preparation and the almost cancellation of the vacation, the man enjoys four fantastic days with his family. The vacation goes smoothly, and everyone enjoys it immensely. 
Once back home and a few days back at work, the man realizes that the deposit has not yet been refunded. He decides to contact ChaletsPlus by phone again. To his joy, the phone is quickly answered by Front Office staff member Bianca. The caller immediately feels relieved and begins to express his gratitude for the help he received during his vacation and preparation. Bianca responds happily to the gratitude: "You're welcome, and it's great to hear that you enjoyed yourself so much! At ChaletsPlus, we strive to provide excellent service, and personal attention is very important to us." 
After thanking her, the man asks the question he called for: "Do you happen to know when I will get my deposit back?". Bianca checks the status of the property, sees that everything is in order, and can therefore tell the caller that he will receive the deposit back within 21 days of his return home. The man thanks Bianca and also Marcel, Esther, Arina, and Desiree warmly and ends the call: "That's very nice. Thanks for the great service. My next vacation will definitely be booked with ChaletsPlus." 


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