Front Office: For all your holiday questions!

By: Simon la Lau at 10-04-2024
In a cozy office building in Gouda, Netherlands, you'll find a small but dedicated team of Front Office staff every working day. This team consists of four smart ladies (Arina, Bianca, Esther and Desiree) and  a gentleman (Marcel). Together, they form a beacon of knowledge and are ...
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Après-ski in Austria for Beginners!

By: Simon la Lau at 04-03-2024
Après-ski is a widespread phenomenon that resonates with virtually every winter sports enthusiast. Even those who have never been on skis are familiar with the concept. Originally, the French term referred to changing uncomfortable ski boots for comfortable snow boots after a day on the ...
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Refreshing Austrian summer drinks to cool down

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 31-07-2023
Whether in summer or winter, during an active holiday in Austria, you can work up quite a sweat. A refreshing drink is just what you need! Are you familiar with the local specialties? We'll list the most delicious Austrian beverages for you here. During your next vacation in Austria, you'...
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5 Typical Austrian dishes

By: Team ChaletsPlus at 27-07-2023
Austria is not only known for its beautiful nature and outdoor activities, but also for its delicious Austrian cuisine. In Austria, you can enjoy tasty dishes, and below we have listed five typical Austrian dishes for you. Wiener Schnitzel The Wiener Schnitzel is such a well-known dish even in ...
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The 5 best examples of Austrian cuisine

By: Petra at 22-04-2020
Austria is not only known for its natural beauty and the activities that can be done there. Many people also praise the country for Austrian cuisine. In Austria, you can eat very well, and we have listed five typical Austrian dishes for you below.   Wiener Schnitzel The Wiener Schnitzel ...
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Tiroler Gröstl recipe

By: Roy at 02-04-2019
Austria is mainly known worldwide as a winter sports area with beautiful scenery. Especially the stunning mountain country where you can really relax in one of the many chalets. Of course, this reputation is wholly justified. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that Austria has so much ...
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The Kaiserschmarrn recipe

By: Mary at 03-03-2019
Kaiserschmarrn is a delicacy that you have certainly come across if you have ever arrived in Austria. This Austrian equivalent of what would be pancakes or waffles elsewhere in Europe is, in fact, a light, caramelised pancake. Traditionally, the Kaiserschmarrn is served with a kind of plum jam ...
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Germknödel recipe

By: Mary at 01-02-2019
The Germknödel is a culinary delicacy that many winter sports enthusiasts still mouth water afterwards. First conceived and made in Tyrol, the Germknödel was the Austrian answer to the pancake. Only, according to the ancient Austrian tradition, it was once again overloaded with extra ...
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