Frequently Asked Questions

General information

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  • Yes, ChaletsPlus adheres to the SGR terms and condition (SGR is a Guarantee Fund for travellers). Furthermore, we are a member of the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark. So your money is safe with us.
    ChaletsPlus has been renting holiday homes in Austria since 1996 and is given an average score of 8.7 out of 10 by its customers. Read more about ChaletsPlus.
  • ChaletsPlus stands for personal and customer service, has a unique offer of holiday homes, works with local expertise, demands high quality and you can book safely and reliably with us.


  • If, due to circumstances, you need to cancel your booking, please notify us by e-mailing Please mention your reservation number and customer number. You can always contact us by phone through +31 (0)182 546524.
  • A cancellation may incur costs. In article 4 you can find all conditions and possible costs in the event of a cancellation.
    If you have a cancellation insurance and you are cancelling for reasons that are considered valid by your insurance, then you may be able to recover these costs through your insurance. You will find the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy under Cancellation Insurance.

  • You can cancel your holiday free of charge within seven days of the booking. These seven days constitute an exception to the General Terms and Conditions for Thuiswinkel. In these terms and conditions, the right of withdrawal is 14 days, but this does not apply to ChaletsPlus because we sell you a service, not a product.

    Please send your cancellation via e-mail to , stating your booking number. If applicable, we will refund the amount paid to ChaletsPlus within seven working days.

Making reservations


  • You can transfer the payment yourself through your bank to our IBAN NL51ABNA0423734733 BIC: ABNANL2A , stating your reservation number. Alternatively, you can make your payment through "My ChaletsPlus." You can choose from various payment methods such as iDEAL, VISA, and Mastercard. You can also pay via the payment link you received via email. If the link has expired, we can always send you a new payment link upon request.
  • There is a limit of € 6,000.00 on your credit card payment. You may wish to make a payment for a higher amount. If you encounter any problems with your payment, please contact us.
  • You must pay (at least) 30% of the complete booking plus any cancellation insurance within 7 days of the day on which you made the reservation. You must pay the remainder of the amount no later than six weeks before you leave. If you are leaving within the next six weeks, you must pay the full amount in full.
  • If everything in the holiday home is found to be in proper order after your departure, your deposit will be refunded no later than 14 days after you return home.
  • For a number of holiday homes, you will need to pay a security deposit. The deposit will be put back into your account after your holiday.




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