Accommodation Furniture and Fixtures Insurance Policy

All bookings made through ChaletsPlus include a contents insurance premium for the accommodation.
Just as at home, accidents can happen in rented holiday accommodation.
Should any damage occur to the holiday home, this insurance will cover the costs in many cases.

The accommodation contents insurance protects you, as a guest, against any accidental damage to the holiday home you have booked.
The insurance policy is valid for the lead guest, but also covers those travelling and staying in the holiday home with you.

The insurance premium is included in the rental price.

Terms and conditions
You can read more about the accommodation contents insurance here.

Your responsibilities
Rules and terms and conditions apply to each insurance policy, meaning we assume that you will do everything possible to avoid any damage to the holiday home.

In case of damage
If damage occurs during your stay, you must always report this within 24 hours to the manager of your holiday home.
The insurance company will assess the damage and determine the reimbursement.
The reimbursement will be paid to whoever suffers the damage.