Privacy statement

(Chaletsplus is a trade name of YTJ Vakantiewoningen B.V.)

1. Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small files, which contain information about the language preference of the website visitors. The cookie is stored in your computer, and not on this site. When you don’t want to receive cookies or you want to be informed when cookies are placed on your computer, you can adjust the settings this in your browser, if your browser provides this option.

2. When you use the website to send Chaletsplus a message to ask questions (, Chaletsplus will only use your data to answer your question. Once it has been answered, your data will be deleted.

3. When you make a reservation using the website, Chaletsplus will ask for the name, date of birth, gender, address, postcode, city, telephone numbers, and e-mail address of you and of your travelling companions. Chaletsplus uses this personal data for settling the booked apartment or chalet and the taken out travel insurance and/or cancellation insurance.
In addition, Chaletsplus will use the data of people who have booked an apartment with Chaletsplus before to send them a message at the start of the new winter season. Chaletsplus will never share your data with third parties, for example. for commercial and/or other purposes. You are entitled to access, correct and / or disposal of the personal information provided.

4. Chaletsplus will track which hosts visit the site. Chaletsplus will analyse this data for statistical information and delete it afterwards. Chaletsplus will use the obtained information to improve the site and to inform advertisers and potential advertisers in order to assess the usefulness of the site for their advertising campaigns.