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ChaletsPlus is YOUR chalet specialist in Austria

We are specialised in letting chalets & apartments in Austria. Since we mainly focus on particular regions and have been active in the business for more than 25 years, we are able to give you plenty of personal advice. As such, we are the Austria specialist!

A little bit of history

ChaletsPlus was founded by Ton and Yvonne Jansen in 1996. Using their knowledge and experience, they slowly and surely developed ChaletsPlus until it finally became what it is now. In 2011, Pim Jansen (Ton and Yvonne's son) took over ChaletsPlus. By now, ChaletsPlus has been a growing player for years, welcoming increasing numbers of new and existing guests to Austria every year.

What can you expect from ChaletsPlus?

  • Personal service
    At ChaletsPlus, you can get quick and excellent advice that is based upon our own expertise and experience. Whether you prefer contact by telephone, e-mail or through the chat function, you will always receive solid advice tailored to your specifications.
  • Unique range of accommodation.
    The accommodation we offer cannot be rented anywhere else and is therefore unique!
  • Local expertise
    In Austria we work with local employees who manage the accommodation for the owners and will help you, the guest, with advice and support during your holidays.
  • High quality
    All chalets and apartments in our accommodation range have been visited by us personally and we know all the (mostly private) owners, with whom we keep in close contact. We only let top-quality accommodation!
  • Secure and reliable booking
    ChaletsPlus is a member of Thuiswinkel.org. This means you can book with us safely.

The ChaletsPlus team

Do you have any questions, or can we help you find your ideal holiday home? We are there for you:

Pim Jansen

Director and owner

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Ultimate Austria experience of Pim
Being the first person on the slopes after it has snowed, and enjoying making the first tracks!

In the summer, I like enjoying the tranquillity, the views and the sun in Austria. Fantastic walks and bike excursions, where you feel far from the 'real' world.

Ton Jansen



The ultimate Austria experience of Ton
The fantastic nature and the endless possibilities that Austria offers to enjoy a superb holiday.

Yvonne Jansen



The ultimate Austria experience of Yvonne
Skiing in powder-packed snow and enjoying the Austrian Gemütlichkeit.

Mary van Leeuwen

Front office


The ultimate Austria experience of Mary
Spending the whole day on the slopes together with my family (and companions), and then having a drink, eating and socialising afterwards. And going for fantastic mountain walks in the summer - walking boots on, backpack ready, and off we go...

Arina van Vuuren

Front office


The ultimate Austria experience of Arina
Where do I start..? I have multiple great experiences but my favorite is being one of the first to ski down a fresh slope followed by having a (warm) drink at a terrace while enjoying the sun.

Desiree Konings

Front office


The ultimate Austria experience of Desiree
Spending the day enjoying snow-covered mountains with breath-taking views. Hiking in the snow, skiing with the kids, breathing in the fresh mountain air and much, much more...

Marcel Streng

Front office


The ultimate Austria experience of Marcel
Unwinding and relaxing in the beautiful nature of the Salzburgerland. Hiking and photography and in the evening enjoying a Käsespätzle or a Kaiserschmarnn. That gives me “ein wunderbares Gefühl!”

Bianca van Katwijk

Front office


The ultimate Austria experience of Bianca
Als klein meisje had de sneeuw al een magische aantrekkingskracht op mij. Ik stond vaak ’s morgens vroeg al achter de gordijnen vanuit mijn kamertje naar de neerdwarrelende sneeuwvlokjes te kijken. Langzaamaan zag ik de wereld veranderen. Bedekt worden door een witte, watten deken. Ik kon niet wachten totdat het ochtend werd om buiten in de sneeuw te gaan spelen.

Op 20-jarige leeftijd voor het eerst kennis gemaakt met wintersport in de Oostenrijkse bergen. Voor het eerst gleed ik op ski’s de berghelling af. Ik was meteen verkocht. Ik voelde me weer net dat kleine meisje van vroeger. Buiten zijn in de natuur te midden van die indrukwekkende bergtoppen om me heen. En als je de vogels hoort tjilpen en de zon op het sneeuwdek schijnt; miljoenen zilverglitters. Echt magisch!

Martin van Rijswijk

Business controller


The ultimate Austria experience of Martin
My 'Ultimate Austria' feeling starts when the first snow-capped peaks come into view, and the roads become winding. The feeling continues with freshly groomed slopes and spending the whole day in the open air with family and friends, skiing, eating good food and enjoying a drink at the end of the day while listening to the amazing experiences of your fellow travel companions.

Dionne Vianen

Financial administrator


The ultimate Austria experience of Dionne
There are so many reasons to enjoy this beautiful country in summer and winter.

The feeling of anticipation starts with the journey to it, as soon as those first mountains are in sight in southern Germany, we get that feeling of coming home. A lovely walk through the mountains and enjoying the views and nature. Making the first tracks in winter on a freshly prepared slope and enjoying a snack and a drink at the end of the day with your feet up. Austria is a country with so many possibilities it is the ultimate holiday destination for pleasure.

Rogier van der Kraan

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The ultimate Austria experience of Rogier
Na een nacht flinke sneeuwval de allereerste lift omhoog pakken om sporen in de verse poedersneeuw te maken. Aan het eind van de dag genieten van een Weizen biertje en gezelligheid met familie of vrienden.

Why book at ChaletsPlus?

ChaletsPlus Points

  • We have been active in Austria for over 25 years.
  • We offer a personal, customer-oriented service.
  • All chalets and apartments have been visited by us personally.
  • ChaletsPlus scores high, our customers give ChaletsPlus an 8 out of 10 and a generous +.
  • Secure, reliable booking - members of Thuiswinkel.org.