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ChaletsPlus is YOUR chalet specialist in Austria

We are specialised in letting chalets & apartments in Austria. Since we mainly focus on particular regions and have been active in the business for more than 20 years, we are able to give you plenty of personal advice. As such, we are the Austria specialist!

A little bit of history

ChaletsPlus was founded by Ton and Yvonne Jansen in 1996. Using their knowledge and experience, they slowly and surely developed ChaletsPlus until it finally became what it is now. In 2011, Pim Jansen (Ton and Yvonne's son) took over ChaletsPlus. By now, ChaletsPlus has been a growing player for years, welcoming increasing numbers of new and existing guests to Austria every year.

What can you expect from ChaletsPlus?

  • Personal service
    At ChaletsPlus, you can get quick and excellent advice that is based upon our own expertise and experience. Whether you prefer contact by telephone, e-mail or through the chat function, you will always receive solid advice tailored to your specifications.
  • Unique range of accommodation.
    The accommodation we offer cannot be rented anywhere else and is therefore unique!
  • Local expertise
    In Austria we work with local employees who manage the accommodation for the owners and will help you, the guest, with advice and support during your holidays.
  • High quality
    All chalets and apartments in our accommodation range have been visited by us personally and we know all the (mostly private) owners, with whom we keep in close contact. We only let top-quality accommodation!
  • Secure and reliable booking
    ChaletsPlus is a member of Thuiswinkel.org. This means you can book with us safely.

The ChaletsPlus team

Do you have any questions, or can we help you find your ideal holiday home? We are there for you:

After completing his BBA studies in International Business and Languages at the HES in Amsterdam, Pim started working for ChaletsPlus in 2007. Since 2011, Pim has been the proud owner and director of ChaletsPlus.

Marketing is one of Pim's main interests/passions. In April 2013, Pim successfully completed his post-HVE course as NextMarketeer B. This course paid specific attention to the topic of Online Marketing.

Ultimate Austria experience?
Being the first person on the slopes after it has snowed, and enjoying making the first tracks!

In the summer, I like enjoying the tranquillity, the views and the sun in Austria. Fantastic walks and bike excursions, where you feel far from the 'real' world.

Ton Jansen



Bought an apartment in Königsleiten (Austria) in 1977, which eventually became the first holiday home to be rented when ChaletsPlus was founded in 1996. After handing over the reigns to his son Pim in 2011, Ton now primarily focuses on the business development activities at ChaletsPlus. In practice, this means Ton is responsible for expanding the portfolio.

Before becoming actively involved at ChaletsPlus, Ton spent many years as international marketing director at Italian company Olivetti. Besides working for ChaletsPlus, he, together with his wife, also owns the Kololo Game Reserve in South Africa.

What is your ultimate Austria experience?
The fantastic nature and the endless possibilities that Austria offers to enjoy a superb holiday.

Yvonne Jansen



After working 15 years as a stewardess for KLM and spending 8 years on the slopes as a skiing instructor, Yvonne decided to set up ChaletsPlus in 1996 together with her husband, Ton. She is currently responsible for reservations and contact with home owners.

Like many new businesses, ChaletsPlus also started as an idea on the kitchen table. Yvonne started by launching a small-scale website to rent the chalet they owned in Königsleiten. Under Yvonne's leadership, ChaletsPlus developed into a specialist in renting Austrian chalets & apartments in the years that followed.

What is your ultimate Austria experience?
Skiing in powder-packed snow and enjoying the Austrian Gemütlichkeit.

Annet van Gaalen

Front office

Mail Annet

Has been at ChaletsPlus since 2003, when she started working in the loft alongside Yvonne, and has watched the company grow to what it is today. Annet is responsible for customer relations and reservations. In addition, she is an important point of contact for home owners.

After completing senior secondary education, Annet followed a training course at Schoevers. Later, she spent most of her time working as a management secretary. She eventually joined ChaletsPlus in 2003 and has been here ever since. Besides working at ChaletsPlus, Annet is also a board member at an employer's association.

What is your ultimate Austria experience?
Enjoying a picturesque and comfortable chalet or apartment, walking in the snow, the log fire burning in the evening, a glass of wine and relaxing as the snowflakes fall outside.

Kirsten Jansen

Front office


Has worked for ChaletsPlus since 2008 and her main tasks involve sales and management support. Besides ChaletsPlus, Kirsten is also joint-owner of Future Matters and is responsible for Marketing & Sales at Kololo Game Reserve, which is a subsidiary owned by Ton & Yvonne.

After finishing high school, Kirsten followed an HVE course in Higher Tourism & Recreational Education at Hogeschool Inholland Rotterdam, after which she successfully completed an SR&D course in Leisure, Tourism & Environment at Wageningen University in 2010. At the end of September 2013, Kirsten also completed her NIMA studies in e-marketing. Kirsten is also co-author of the book “Duurzaam Toerisme doe je zo”!

What is your ultimate Austria experience?
Watching the thick snowflakes fall in the evening and then being the first person on the lift the next morning, to make the first tracks in the powder snow. And if it's in Kaiserwetter, then even better!

Mary van Leeuwen

Front office

Mail Mary

Has worked as sales and reservations assistant at ChaletsPlus since 2004. She is also a point of contact for customers and owners. Mary has also held various administrative positions in the past.

After completing high school, Mary spent many years in an administrative position at car manufacturer British Leyland, after which she took a few years off to stay with her children until they were old enough to go to school. In the meantime, Mary has racked up a few years of service at ChaletsPlus.

What is your ultimate Austria experience?
Spending the whole day on the slopes together with my family (and companions), and then having a drink, eating and socialising afterwards. And going for fantastic mountain walks in the summer - walking boots on, backpack ready, and off we go...

Roy Roeven

Marketing & Communications

Kom in contact met Roy op LinkedIn Mail Roy

Has worked for ChaletsPlus since 1 July 2013. He is jointly responsible for marketing and communication policy, and is also a point of contact for customers and owners. At the start of November 2013, Roy successfully completed his MSc studies in Business & Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he specialised in marketing.

Together with a partner, Roy established a marketing & research company called Bluevalues while following his HVE studies in Commercial Economics. After 3 successful and educational years, both partners decided the time had come for a new challenge. Roy's new challenge was ChaletsPlus.

What is your ultimate Austria experience?
Catching the very first lift up the mountain in the morning, and then being the first person to ski down the fresh slope - fantastic!

Arina van Vuuren

Front office

Mail Arina

Arina joined the ChaletsPlus team in April 2017 as a front office agent with co-responsibility for customer contact and reservations.

After studying the German language and getting her degree she worked in both commercial and administrative positions for various companies before eventually joining ChaletsPlus. Ever since she was a kid she frequently visits Austria, especially the Lungau region. That makes her our Lungau expert so feel free to ask her anything!

What is your ultimate Austria experience?
Where do I start..? I have multiple great experiences but my favorite is being one of the first to ski down a fresh slope followed by having a (warm) drink at a terrace while enjoying the sun.

Desiree Konings

Front office

Mail Desiree

Desiree joined the ChaletsPlus in September 2016 as a a front office agent with co-responsibility for customer contact and reservations.

After completing a four-year MTRO (tourism) programme in Leiden, she gained experience over several years working at Toerkoop travel agency, Hotelplan and Compagnie des Wagon Lits. In addition to this tourism-related experience, Desiree also worked as an (executive) secretary for a number of years. She ultimately decided that her heart was in tourism and has been enjoying her new job at ChaletsPlus since September 2016. Desiree combines her work for ChaletsPlus with family life.

What is your ultimate Austria experience?
Spending the day enjoying snow-covered mountains with breath-taking views. Hiking in the snow, skiing with the kids, breathing in the fresh mountain air and much, much more...

Sonja Voorend

Business controller


Sonja joined ChaletsPlus as a business controller at the end of 2017.

After succesfully completing her HVE Business Economics Sonja worked 9 years as a controller at an agricultural company. She already had prior experience within the tourism sector and is pleased to return. Sonja combines working at ChaletsPlus with family life.

What is your ultimate Austria experience?
Making great hikes during summer and enjoying the beautiful views that Austria has to offer.

Petra van Andel

Content Marketeer

Kom in contact met Petra op LinkedIn Mail Petra

I started with studying architectonics and finally ended up in the world of e-commerce by launching my own webshop. Besides running my webshop I also took a position as content marketer at Duifhuizen, a store that is specialized in suitcases and bags, in which I discovered my passion for online marketing. In order to maintain focus on my fulltime job I chose to gradually close my own webshop. After three successful years with a lot of valuable experience I am now looking forward to this new challenge at ChaletsPlus.

What is your ultimate Austria experience?
Enjoying it’s beautiful nature by exploring special and unique spots during a great hike on a summer day.

Dionne Vianen

Financieel administratief medewerker

Why book at ChaletsPlus?

ChaletsPlus Points

  • We have been active in Austria for over 20 years.
  • We offer a personal, customer-oriented service.
  • All chalets and apartments have been visited by us personally.
  • ChaletsPlus scores high, our customers give ChaletsPlus an 8 out of 10 and a generous +.
  • Secure, reliable booking - members of Thuiswinkel.org.