1. Complaints during your stay must be submitted in writing or in another suitable form to ChaletsPlus within 24 hours in order for ChaletsPlus to take appropriate measures. When the complaint is not dealt with satisfactorily, the person renting the accommodation must submit the complaint in writing to ChaletsPlus within 4 weeks after having returned home, specifying all relevant data.
  2. When the person renting the accommodation does not keep to the terms as specified in Section 1 of this Article, he or she will forfeit the right to compensation insofar such right to compensation exists.
  3. ChaletsPlus is a member of the Dutch Home Shopping Association.Complaints from persons renting accommodation and/or ChaletsPlus can be presented to the "Geschillencommissie Thuiswinkel" (Home Shopping Disputes Committee) under the following conditions.
  4. The complaint will be presented to the Disputes Committee 3 months after the person renting the accommodation has complained to ChaletsPlus at the latest as stated in this Article.
  5. When no complaint was submitted to ChaletsPlus (within the term specified in Section 1 of this Article), the Disputes Committee is not authorised to consider the complaint that is subsequently presented to the board.
    1. You can also submit your complaint to the Arbitration Committee via the European ODR Platform.
  6. When ChaletsPlus wishes to present a complaint to the Disputes Committee this will be done with the approval of the person renting the accommodation. This approval will be obtained within 5 weeks after the request thereto from ChaletsPlus to the person renting the accommodation. When no approval is obtained, ChaletsPlus has the right to turn to a regular court.
  7. The Disputes Committee will come to a decision in accordance with the provisions of its regulations.
  8. The decisions are in the form of a binding decision.