What makes the Zillertal Arena so much fun in the summer?

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Of course, Austria is an ideal holiday destination in the winter season. But many people are not aware of the fact that the country has plenty to offer in summer too. The Zillertal Arena, for instance, is an amazingly beautiful summer travel destination. Travellers who already know the Zillertal ski region as a winter sports area and visit the Zillertal Arena in summer are often stunned by the scenery the area has to offer. Because the area is covered in a thick layer of snow in winter, it looks like a completely different place in summer, giving you the opportunity to rediscover the Zillertal.

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You may think there is not much going on in the area during the summer holiday, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Zillertal Arena offers numerous activities in summer. If you like mountains, natural beauty and an active summer holiday, this area in Austria is the ideal holiday destination for you.

Summer activities in the Zillertal Arena

Of course, climbing enthusiasts can climb their heart out in the mountains. Isn't it great that, in summer, you can climb the mountains that you would descend in winter? But even if you are not into climbing, the area offers plenty of other opportunities for having an excellent time. You can visit the Krimmler waterfalls, for example. With a drop of almost 400 meters, they are the largest waterfalls in central Europe. In summer, the Hohe Tauern National Park, where the Krimmler waterfalls are located, also offers a wide range of activities. The area is ideal for gorgeous hiking or cycling tours and exploring virtually untouched areas and picturesque villages.

If you like more action, the Zillertal Arena has plenty to offer in summer. Two of the most popular summer activities in the area are rides on the Arena Skyliner and the Arena Coaster. The Arena Skyliner is more than 700 metres long and allows you to ‘fly’ across the Zillertal Arena, giving you a wonderful view of the entire area from the air. The Arena Coaster is a roller coaster that is almost 1500 metres long, with a number of sharp bends and loops. It takes you less than 7 minutes to descend through the mountains at breakneck speed.

But there is much more to do in the Zillertal Arena in summer. How about a ‘bag jump’ from a diving tower, where you jump from a great height to gently land on a huge air cushion? Or rafting or paragliding?

The Zillertal in summer?

Conclusion: the Zillertal Arena is an excellent summer destination. You won't just be stunned by the scenery, but also by the huge number and variety of summer activities available in the area.

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