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A shower in the mountains

By: Petra at 11 October 2019
A shower in the mountains
Rain. You may experience it when you are on holiday in Austria in the spring, autumn and summer. Most of the time the sky is clear, but every now and then there are frequent rain showers between the mountains. To ensure that your mood stays sunny, we have put together some ideas for fun activities, outings and trips.

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Visit a museum

Car enthusiasts who have rented a holiday home near Zell am See can admire the beautiful collection of vintage cars at the Vötters Fahrzeugmuseum. The museum is quite small, but has enough interest to provide one to two hours of entertainment on a rainy day.

Budding geologists and those fascinated by the past should head to the Museum in Bramberg am Wildkogel, which has huge crystals and minerals. Interactive games for children will keep small people amused, and there are exhibitions about daily life in the mountains, beautiful costumes and old carriages. The National Park Museum in Mittersil offers a unique indoor experience, which showcases the flora and fauna of the Hohe Tauern National Park. ChaletsPlus has different accommodations in Bramberg am Wildkogel. Click on the link to see which chalets are available during your holiday period.

Are you staying in a chalet in the Kitzbühel Alps? Then the atmospheric town of Kitzbühel itself is definitely worth a visit. On rainy days, you can visit the local museum that shows the history of skiing from the Bronze Age. You'll also learn something about the area, and there are paintings by Alfons Walde, who was well-known in the region as an architect and artist.
Relaxen in chalet

Enjoy the Austrian cuisine

Treat yourself and visit a local restaurant or guest house. The bakery shops, known as konditorei, are also worth a visit. Choose from the many types of delicious cakes and combine it with a nice cup of coffee or Austrian herbal tea.

Entertain yourself underground

Eisriesenweld, the largest ice cave in the world is a quick 30-minute drive from your cosy holiday chalet in the Hochkönig area, and it can be visited from May to October. Wear waterproof clothing before you enter the cave because after you leave the cable car, there is a 20-minute walk to the cave entrance. Once there, put on something warm and enjoy the beautifully lit underground ice figures, tunnels and lakes with the supervision of a guide. Due to the many stairs, this trip is less suitable for small children.

However, children from the age of about four years will love a visit to the salt mines of Hallein. Drive into the mines with a train, glide over the wooden beams into the dark depths and sail with a raft over the fairy-tale-lit salt lake. In addition to the experience, you will become much more knowledgeable about the history of salt and its significance for the Salzburg region. The salt mines are approximately an hour's drive from the chalets in Zell am See.

Just enjoy spending time together

On holiday, it is simply nice to spend time as a family or as a group of friends, and as you have more time together, there is also space for everything. Watch a nice movie or take some games with you on holiday and spend an afternoon playing board games or cards when it rains. Something as mundane as shopping for groceries is also fun on holiday. The supermarket has different products so you have the chance to try new things. Come up with something to cook together, bake a tasty cake or make your own pizza with Austrian cheeses. Most ChaletsPlus holiday homes have an oven and are equipped with all the kitchen utensils you need for an afternoon of baking or cooking together.
Zwemmen met de kids

Find even more water!

Of course, you can also accept that you will get wet and admire the Krimmler waterfalls on a rainy day. Nice and quiet, just as impressive, and you can stand really close to the waterfall because you're already soaked! Moreover, it is claimed that the mist from the waterfalls has healing properties. In addition to hiking to the Krimmler waterfalls, rafting and kayaking can also be great during some light showers. You certainly deserve a nice piece of cake, a large cup of hot chocolate or a stiff drink afterwards!

Another option is to visit an (indoor) swimming pool such as the Kristall swimming pool. This is easily accessible for holidaymakers in the Zillertal or the Wildkogel Arena. For many of our accommodations in Wald im Pingzau, access to this pool is even free. In addition to the swimming pool with a slide, there are spa and sauna facilities for optimum relaxation. If you have opted for one of the ChaletsPlus holiday homes with sauna, rain is, of course, the perfect excuse not to leave at all, but to enjoy relaxing luxury in the comfort of your own home from home.


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