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10 reasons why taking grandparents on holiday is a must

By: Petra at 04 June 2019
10x with grandparents on a winter sports holiday
Why not take the grandparents with you on your next winter sports family holiday to Austria? We think it's a brilliant idea! Read our 10 reasons why taking grandparents on holiday is a must:
  1. Socialising - With grandparents there, a family holiday becomes even more fun! Are young children going? Then consider reserving a chalet in a child-friendly ski area. 
  2. Extra attention for the children - Children sometimes have to wait for their turn and bicker for attention. With grandparents on hand, there is always an adult available who can go sledging, tobogganing or just to read a story. 
  3. More time for yourself - Grandparents love spending time with the children which is great for them and for you! Holidays can be exhausting with young children but the presence of grandparents means that you can have a chance to unwind yourself. Rent a holiday home through ChaletsPlus with a sauna and just relax! 
  4. More time for your partner - Ask grandparents to look after the children and plan an active, romantic or fun activity together. Need inspiration?
  5. Making the most of the après-ski - If grandma and grandad stay home with the kids in the evening, you can dance, sing and drink beers again in one of the cosy apres ski bars! We'll send our sympathies at breakfast. 
  6. Games from the time of grandpa and grandma - When was the last time you bothered to play Charades or Snakes and Ladders on holiday? With grandparents, you can (re)discover the fun of traditional family games or old-fashioned card games. 
  7. Nice cooking - Every grandmother or grandfather has a speciality in the kitchen that is a firm family favourite and it's a real treat to be able to enjoy it on holiday too! If you are planning to spend Christmas in Austria this year, it makes sense to book quickly. These holiday homes are still available in Christmas week. 
  8. Spacious holiday home - When grandma and grandad come along you need more space so it makes sense to book a larger holiday home. Enjoy the luxury of that additional bathroom or the extra spacious balcony. 
  9. Other activities - Family days out should be fun for everyone. With grandparents, who might not be able to stay out on the slopes all day, you will discover how much fun it is to visit an old town, go tobogganing together or take a nice walk. 
  10. Sharing memories - Grandma and grandpa are full of stories about the past. Gather around a crackling log fire and gather beautiful and funny memories of family holidays from the time that you were a child yourself. 

Do you often take the grandparents on your family holidays? Share your best holiday story/photo of your "grandpa and grandma holiday" in the comment section below.

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