If we can warm up the earth, we can cool her down too.
Goal Justdiggit:
Climate change is a problem for us all. We still emit too much CO2, which causes the earth to warm up.
It is high time to do something about it. But how?

We can help nature. Justdiggit is an organization which approaches this problem. Justdiggit largely restores landscapes in Africa to create additional rainfall. Justdiggit's approach is based on rainwater infiltration, natural reforestation, improved agriculture and a clear socio-economic importance for local communities to sustain projects in the long term and to curb climate change.
Will you help cool the earth?

ChaletsPlus is happy to support this charity, along with you. You can donate at least € 5, - with your booking.
ChaletsPlus doubles your donation.

We thank you, on behalf of Justdiggit, for your donation.

More information about Justdiggit is available at https://justdiggit.org/