House owner: Chalet Adriana, Hochleger am Anger 13

Interview with Nina and Bert van Dijk
Chalet Adriana, Hochleger am Anger 13 and am Dorfplatz 77/65 in Königsleiten

About 11 years ago, we seriously started looking for a relaxing place for ourselves, for both the summer and winter holidays.
Another important aspect for us was that we could rent it out. 
So about 10 years ago, we purchased the Am Dorfplatz apartment in Königsleiten, a very popular winter sports village. This apartment met all our wishes and after we made some small modifications, it became a place we love to visit. A year later, we bought the Hochleger am Anger 13 apartment, which we renovated and restyled from top to bottom.
About six years ago, ChaletsPlus told us about a detached chalet that was for sale, Chalet Adriana.  
We had already found out that buying a chalet in Königsleiten is difficult. A lot of demand, but hardly any supply. We’re extremely happy with the level of comfort and space this property offers. 
In Königsleiten, everything is fairly central. Hochleger am Anger for instance is right across from the cable car, the Dorfbahn in Königsleiten. The Am Dorfplatz apartment is within walking distance from the central training field in Königsleiten, and chalet Adriana stands slightly lower in the village, but it does have views of the training field. We like to come here with our two children, both during the winter and summer, but it’s also gorgeous in May and during the autumn holiday.
Königsleiten is a wonderful place throughout the year and certainly worth a visit. It’s a home away from home and even after al these years, we still discover beautiful areas, and we go on magnificent hikes to the imposing reservoir near Königsleiten, for instance, and the Krimmler waterfalls, of course. 
Nina and the children are fanatic and good skiers, Bert likes to enjoy the tranquillity and the many cafés in Königsleiten.  We drive to the village, park the car and don't start it again until we return to the Netherlands. 
ChaletsPlus as a rental partner
We think ChaletsPlus is a very reliable and sound partner for the rental of our three properties. ChaletsPlus is well-known not just among the Dutch, but also among foreigners.  We have regular contact, which is very pleasant. 
In terms of property management, we’ve been working with Karin Hofer for about a year now. It’s a good relationship and it's nice to know your property is well-managed when you're not in Austria yourself.