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Corona dashboard

We will use this dashboard to keep you informed of the latest developments regarding the latest COVID-19 measures in Austria. For the other frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and, for example, the SGR voucher, you can scroll further down on this page.

Current situation

Winter sports holiday
The ski slopes reopened on December 24. Unfortunately, the holiday homes, hotels and restaurants in the ski areas must remain closed until 1st of March.
If you have booked a winter sports holiday with us with an arrival before 1 March, you will unfortunately not be able to travel to your holiday destination. The main booker will receive an e-mail about this.
Arrival after 1 March, 2021
Do you have a winter sports holiday with us arriving after 1 March? We understand that you have questions about your booked winter sports holiday in response to recent developments. We have send an e-mail to all customers who have booked a winter sports holiday with us from January to March.

Austria is currently in lockdown untill 7th of February. 

At present, hotels, other accommodation and catering establishments in Austria are closed to tourists until further notice.

Travel advice
For the most European countries applies that Austria is currently a risk area and the advice is to only go to Austria if necessary and not for tourist trips. Consult your local sources for more accurate information. 

The situation in Austria:

  •  Are the borders open?    Yes
  •  Are the ski-lifts open?       Yes*                                     (* Not all ski areas are open)
  • Is the catering industry open?   No
  • Are holiday homes open?    No

Latest dashboard update 18th of January 09:57

 Local measures

Austrian COVID-19 approach
We have listed the most important measures for you. For the most up-to-date information, always check the website of the Bundesministerum.

How do our ski areas deal with COVID-19?

Measures en-route:
  • The use of a mouth mask is mandatory in Germany in public places, including shops, restaurants and petrol stations.

Austrian measures:
  • National lockdown untill 7th of February.
  • Face masks are mandatory in all shops and public buildings and public transport.
  • Anyone who wants to travel to Austria must register in advance via this form!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the COVID-19 Money Back Guarantee work?
Don't worry; we'll give you a full refund if you can't travel because of COVID-19 restrictions; read the conditions here.

Does the Corona Money Back Guarantee also apply to summer bookings?
Yes, you also have this guarantee for your summer holiday so that you can book carefree!

If I decide to travel despite negative travel advice (code orange and red) will I be insured? 
With most insurers, it is the case that non-COVID related matters are covered. In short, it is possible to be covered for an accident on the slopes, but not in the case of COVID-19. Check with your insurer before making any travel arrangements.

How may I assist you?

We are happy to help you out. You can contact us
+31 (0)182 546524
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