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Corona dashboard

With our Corona Live Blog we will try to keep you informed about the latest developments regarding the latest COVID-19 measures in Austria. Please check when our blog was last updated. No rights can be derived from the information on this page.

Current situation

Last update dashboard 15 February 2023

Travel to Austria
There are currently no more corona measures, therefore we will no longer update this page. However, we do help you find great holidays in Austria, check out the offers.

 Local measures

Your stay in Austria
Since 16 April 2022 , most measures have been suspended in Austria.


Do you have a non-corona related question?
Check our FAQ for questions about other subjects.

Can I go on holiday to Austria?
Tourists are welcome. All entry restrictions imposed due to the Corona pandemic have been dropped. 

How does the COVID-19 Hassle-Free--Guatantee work?
You can read all about the conditions here.

How may I assist you?

We are happy to help you out. You can contact us.
+31 (0)182 546524
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