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Corona dashboard

We will use this dashboard to keep you informed of the latest developments regarding the latest COVID-19 measures in Austria. For

Current situation

Latest dashboard update October 8, 2021
Current situation
At this moment, tourism is allowed in Austria for European travellers. If you possess a coronavirus certificate (Digital Coronavirus Certificate), you can use it to travel to Austria.
Travel advice
Austria is on the green list for most European countries.

Check the most current travel advice issued by the European Union
Hotels, holiday homes and restaurants are open to tourists. . 

The situation in Austria:
Are the borders open?                        Yes
Are tourists welcome?                        Yes
Are holiday homes open?                   Yes 
Are the restaurants open?                  Yes
Are museums etc. open?                    Yes
Are the cable cars open?                    Yes

 Local measures

Winter Sports in Austria
In many places in Austria, the so-called 'Gruner Pass' (Green Pass/3-G rule) is mandatory. The pass (usually in the form of a QR code) indicates your Covid-19 status and, therefore, shows whether you are Vaccinated, Cured or Tested. Here are the coronavirus measures for the 2021/2022 ski season in Austria in a nutshell:

  • You must show a 3-G certificate to use ski lifts. This is checked when the ski passes are sold at the cash register.
  • Mountain huts and restaurants are accessible upon presentation of a 3-G certificate.
  • There is no capacity limitation for ski lifts as they want to prevent too long queues for the lifts.
  • Everyone is obliged to wear an FFP2 face mask in 'closed' ski lifts (example gondolas).
    The same rules apply to après-ski as night gastronomy. This means that the après-ski can take place but under strict measures. Initially, the 3-G rule also applies here. If the Covid-19 situation worsens, this could be tightened up to the 2-G rule, which means only cured or vaccinated people have access.

Other Austrian measures:
The following measures are currently in effect:
  • Bring an FFP2 mask. Everyone is required to wear an FFP2 mask in supermarkets, pharmacies and public transport. In other shops this applies if you are not (fully) vaccinated.
  • For entrace to hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities and museums you will need to show either a negative COVID test or proof that you have been fully vaccinated/have had COVID

Plan your journey
Plan your trip carefully and use the website of the European Union, Reopen Europa.
You can consult a travel plan from your country to Austria here and, if applicable, enter a transit country (eg transit country Germany). On your way to Austria you may encounter certain measures in the country you are traveling through.


Can I travel to Austria?
Yes, hotels in Austria are open, and travellers from certain countries can enter Austria.

What are the current  measures in Austria?
Check this website of the European Union for the current status.

How does the COVID-19 Hassle-Free-Corona-Guatantee work?
You can read all about the conditions here.

If I decide to travel despite negative travel advice (code orange and red) will I be insured? 
With most insurers, it is the case that non-COVID related matters are covered. In short, it is possible to be covered for an accident on the slopes, but not in the case of COVID-19. Check with your insurer before making any travel arrangements.

How may I assist you?

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